Note:  Fully defrost the windshield before you switch the windshield wipers on.
Note:  Make sure you switch the windshield wipers off before entering a car wash.
Note:  If streaks or smears appear on the windshield, clean the windshield and the wiper blades. If that does not resolve the issue, install new wiper blades.
Note:  Do not operate the wipers on a dry windshield. This may scratch the glass, damage the wiper blades or cause the wiper motor to burn out. Always use the windshield washers before wiping a dry windshield.
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A Single wipe.
B Intermittent wipe.
C Normal wipe.
D High speed wipe.
Intermittent Wipe
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A Shortest wipe interval.
B Intermittent wipe.
C Longest wipe interval.
Use the rotary control to adjust the intermittent wipe interval.
Speed Dependent Wipers
When your vehicle speed increases, the interval between wipes decreases.