The inverter system controller contains various high-voltage components that can cause serious bodily harm or death. The inverter system controller is not serviceable and should never be touched, probed, or tampered with.

Note:  Do not attempt to service any of the high-voltage components or wiring. For easier identification, the high-voltage wiring insulation is color coated orange.
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A Engine coolant reservoir. See  Engine Coolant Check
B Engine oil filler cap. See Engine Oil Check - Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)
C Air filter. See  Changing the Engine Air Filter
D Brake fluid reservoir. See Brake Fluid Check
E Engine compartment fuse box. See  Fuse Specification Chart
F Inverter system controller.
G Inverter system controller coolant reservoir. See  Engine Coolant Check
H Engine oil dipstick. See  Engine Oil Dipstick
I Washer system fluid reservoir. See  Washer Fluid Check