The inverter system controller contains various high-voltage components that can cause serious bodily harm or death. The inverter system controller is not serviceable and should never be touched, probed, or tampered with.

Note:  Do not attempt to service any of the high-voltage components or wiring. For easier identification, the high-voltage wiring insulation is color coated orange.
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AEngine coolant reservoir. See  Engine Coolant Check
BEngine oil filler cap. See Engine Oil Check - Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)
CAir filter. See  Changing the Engine Air Filter
DBrake fluid reservoir. See Brake Fluid Check
EEngine compartment fuse box. See  Fuse Specification Chart
FInverter system controller.
GInverter system controller coolant reservoir. See  Engine Coolant Check
HEngine oil dipstick. See  Engine Oil Dipstick
IWasher system fluid reservoir. See  Washer Fluid Check