This battery pack should only be serviced by an authorized electric vehicle technician. Improper handling can result in personal injury or death.

Note:  The high-voltage battery does not require regular service maintenance.
Your vehicle consists of various high-voltage components and wiring. All of the high-voltage power flows through specific wiring assemblies labeled as such or covered with a solid orange convolute, or orange striped tape, or both. Do not come in contact with these components.
The high-voltage battery system is a high-voltage, lithium-ion battery system. The pack is located in the rear cargo area. The high-voltage battery system uses an air-cooled system to regulate the high-voltage battery temperature and help maximize high-voltage battery life.
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Note:  The high-voltage battery is equipped with air vents in the package tray that help to regulate its temperature. It is important to keep these openings free of obstructions. Do not block the flow of cabin air to this area.
The high-voltage service disconnect turns off power from the high-voltage battery.
Note:  There is a disconnect circuit in your vehicle. Disconnecting the circuit will automatically disable the high-voltage battery.
To disable the battery and stop all high-voltage electric activity in the vehicle you can access the high-voltage disconnect circuit. To do this, you must unplug the circuit from the circuit port connected to the battery.
The high-voltage service disconnect is located behind the rear fold down seats.
Note:  The service disconnect has an outer lever to aid in the proper seating of the service disconnect lever. Remove this to disconnect the high-voltage service disconnect.
Service Disconnect Location for Non-Energi Vehicles
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Service Disconnect Location for Energi Vehicles
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Disabling the High-Voltage Battery
  1. Fold down the rear seats.
  1. Locate the access door and remove the plastic cover.
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  1. Pull the outer cover off to expose the service disconnect lever.
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  1. Slide the handle on the service disconnect outboard to the right. For Energi vehicles slide the handle outboard and to the left.
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  1. Pull the handle toward you and remove the circuit from the vehicle to disable the high-voltage battery.
Reactivating the High-Voltage Battery
Note:  If you have manually disconnected your high-voltage shut off circuit, you will need to reconnect the circuit before you can reactivate it. The vehicle will detect if the electrical system is safe and reactivate automatically.