Connect batteries with only the same nominal voltage. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious personal injury.
Always use booster cables with insulated clamps and adequate size cable. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious personal injury.

Note:  This procedure is only for the 12 volt under hood battery.
Note:  Your vehicle has a 12 volt battery that is easily accessible under the hood. The 12 volt battery controls the switches and contacts that engage the high voltage battery. Do not jump start the high voltage battery using a standard 12 volt battery. You must tow your vehicle to an authorized dealer if the high voltage battery does not accept a regular charge.
Note:  Do not attempt to push start your vehicle. You may cause transmission damage.
Note:  Do not disconnect the 12 volt battery from your vehicle electrical system.
To Connect the Booster Cables
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AVehicle with low charge battery
BBooster battery vehicle
CPositive connection cable
DNegative connection cable
Do not connect directly to the negative (–) terminal of the battery with low charge. A spark may cause an explosion of the gases that surround the battery or a surge within the battery.
Make sure that the cables are clear of any moving parts. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious personal injury or death.

  1. Position the vehicles so that they do not touch one another.
  1. Switch off the electric motor and any electrical equipment.
  1. Connect the positive (+) terminal of vehicle B with the positive (+) terminal of vehicle A (cable C). Battery positions may vary.
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  1. Connect the negative (-) terminal of vehicle B to the ground connection of vehicle A (cable D).
To Start Your Vehicle
  1. Run the engine of vehicle B at a moderately high speed.
  1. Move the transmission selector lever of vehicle A to position P.
  1. Switch on the ready to drive mode. See  Starting the Electric Motor
  1. Run both vehicles for a minimum of three minutes before disconnecting the cables.
Note:  Do not switch the headlamps on when disconnecting the cables. The peak voltage could blow the bulbs.
Disconnect the cables in the reverse order.