The system automatically activates when you start your engine. The electronic stability control portion of the system is disabled when the transmission is in reverse (R) or, on some models, if you press and hold the stability control button for more than five seconds when you apply the brakes and the vehicle is at a stop. You can switch off the traction control portion of the system independently. See  Using Traction Control

AdvanceTrac features 
Button functions  Mode  Stability control off light  Electronic stability control  Traction control system  Collision warning with brake support 
Default at start-up  Stability and traction control fully enabled  On during bulb check  Enabled  Enabled  Enabled 
Button pressed momentarily  Traction control off  On  Enabled   Disabled   Enabled 
Button pressed twice rapidly  Sport mode (if equipped)   On  Enabled  Enabled   Disabled  
Button pressed and held more than five seconds  AdvanceTrac disabled  On  Disabled  Disabled  Disabled  
Button pressed again after deactivation   AdvanceTrac fully enabled  Off  Enabled  Enabled   Enabled 

Note:  Do not use Sport mode on public roadways.
Some models may also come equipped with a sport mode which allows the driver to reduce normal AdvanceTrac system intervention and provide a more spirited driving experience. To enter sport mode, toggle the stability control button twice rapidly. The message appears in the information display that the system is now in sport mode.
For vehicles equipped with the selectable drive mode feature, AdvanceTrac sport mode is not available. You can utilize the performance oriented AdvanceTrac mode by selecting track drive mode. In this mode, AdvanceTrac intervention is reduced and tuned specifically for track use only and is not for use on public roads. In all of the selectable drive modes, you can disable traction control and AdvanceTrac with the AdvanceTrac switch.
Line Lock
Line Lock is a feature intended for use at tracks only and should not be used on public roadways. Use of this feature will result in significantly increased rear tire wear. It is intended to condition the rear tires to maximize traction prior to track use. Line Lock maintains brake force at the front wheels, allowing the rear wheels to spin with minimal vehicle movement.
This feature is located in the Track Apps menu. Make selections through the 5-way information display control and OK button located on the steering wheel.
Using Line Lock
There are three Line Lock stages:
  • Initiated.
  • Engaged.
  • Off.
Initiating Line Lock
The initiation stage verifies that the vehicle is ready for Line Lock function, and confirms driver intent. Follow the prompts in the information display in to initiate Line Lock.
The following conditions must be met to initialize Line Lock:
  • The vehicle is on a level surface.
  • The engine is running.
  • The vehicle is traveling less than 25 mph (40 km/h).
  • Selectable Drive Mode is not in wet mode (if equipped).
  • There are no AdvanceTrac faults.
If you want to cancel Line Lock once it is initialized, press the left information display control. Once initiated, Line Lock is prepared for activation and will remain initiated up to 25 mph (40 km/h). If vehicle speed exceeds 25 mph (40 km/h), Line Lock will be automatically canceled.
Engaging Line Lock
Follow the prompts in the information display to engage Line Lock after it is initialized. To engage, firmly apply the brakes. Then press the OK button. Once engaged, release the brake pedal. The front brakes will remain applied and the rear brakes will release. At this point, the engagement timer is initiated and shown on the driver information display.
The following conditions must be met to engage Line Lock:
  • The vehicle is on a level surface.
  • The engine is running.
  • The vehicle is stopped.
  • The parking brake is not applied.
  • The driver door is closed.
  • The transmission is in a forward gear.
  • Selectable Drive Mode is not in wet mode (if equipped).
  • There are no AdvanceTrac faults.
  • The steering wheel must be in the straight ahead position.
Releasing Line Lock
While Line Lock is engaged, you can exit (release) the feature using the OK button. When you press the OK button, Line Lock releases immediately and normal vehicle function will resume. When Line Lock is engaged, a countdown timer shows the remaining time before Line Lock is released automatically. If you exceed the time limit, or another vehicle condition requires Line Lock to release, the system will safely disengage and normal vehicle function will resume.
Note:  If the brake pedal is applied while Line Lock is engaged, Line Lock automatically cancels and normal brake function resumes.