To reduce the risk of vehicle damage and personal burn injuries, do not start your engine with the air cleaner removed and do not remove it while the engine is running.

Note:  Failure to use the correct air filter element may result in severe engine damage.Your warranty may not cover these damages.
 Only use the specified replacement air filter.See  Motorcraft Parts
For EcoBoost equipped vehicles: When servicing the air cleaner, it is important that no foreign material enter the air induction system. The engine and turbocharger are susceptible to damage from even small particles.
Change the air filter element at the proper intervals. See  General Maintenance Information
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  1. Release the two clamps that secure the air filter housing cover.
  1. Carefully lift the air filter housing cover.
  1. Remove the air filter element from the air filter housing.
  1. Wipe any dirt or debris from the air filter housing and cover to make sure no dirt gets in the engine and that you have a good seal.
  1. Install a new air filter element.Be careful not to crimp the filter element edges between the air filter housing and cover.This could cause filter damage and allow unfiltered air to enter the engine if it is not properly seated.
  1. Replace the air filter housing cover.
  1. Engage the clamps to secure the air filter housing cover to the air filter housing.