When you use the top, you must first unlatch it from the windshield and then use the convertible top control.
Note:  The convertible top does not operate unless the vehicle is stationary or traveling under 3 mph (5 km/h). A chime sounds and a warning message appears in the instrument panel. When you slow down, the top operates.
Note:  When you latch or unlatch the convertible top, the audio system mutes briefly. This allows the vehicle to optimize the cabin’s sound quality depending on the position of the convertible top.
To unlatch the convertible top:
  • Bring the vehicle to a complete stop. The ignition must be on. We recommend that the vehicle remains running when you open the top to prevent draining the battery.
  • Check the convertible top stowage compartment behind the rear seat to be sure it is empty. Make sure the convertible top outer surface is free of debris.
  • Move the latch handle, above the interior mirror, down toward the windshield and rotate the handle clockwise to release the convertible top.
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The windows open automatically when you press the convertible top control.
To open the convertible top:
  • Press and hold the convertible top control on the overhead console, until the windows are completely down and the top stores completely.
  • Release the convertible top control.
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Note:  Do not store articles behind the rear seat. Articles in the convertible top stowage compartment may break the rear glass window when you open the top.
Note:  Opening the convertible top when the top material is wet may cause mold or mildew.
Using the Tonneau Caps
Your convertible top also includes two tonneau caps, one for each side of the vehicle. These caps stow inside the trunk.
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A.Leading edge.
B.Side edge.
After opening your convertible top, place the tonneau caps between the top and your vehicle trim moulding:
  • Insert tab A under the trim.
  • When tab A is under the trim slot, angle B down so the edges slide under the surrounding moulding and secure into place between the trim edges.
  • Repeat Steps 1 and 2 on the opposite side of the vehicle to install the second tonneau cap.