Closing the convertible top is a three-step process: Remove both of the tonneau caps, press the convertible top control to close the top, and then close the latch.
To remove the tonneau caps:
  • Slide B toward the center of the vehicle to release the edges from the surrounding trim.
  • Lift up on B, and then pull the piece back to release tab A from the trim.
  • Repeat Steps 1 and 2 on the opposite side of the vehicle.
  • Make sure you stow both pieces in the trunk.
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Note:  The convertible top does not operate unless the vehicle is stationary or traveling under 3 mph (5 km/h). A chime sounds and a warning message appears in the instrument panel. When you slow down, the top operates.
Note:  You must remove the tonneau caps before you are able to close the top or a chime sounds and a warning message appears in the instrument panel. Remove and stow the caps in the trunk, and then press the convertible top control again.
Note:  When you latch or unlatch the convertible top, the audio system mutes briefly. This allows the vehicle to optimize the cabin’s sound quality depending on the position of the convertible top.
To close the convertible top:
  • Bring the vehicle to a complete stop and make sure you switch the ignition on. We recommend that the vehicle remains running when you open the top to prevent draining the battery.
  • Press and hold the convertible top control. When the convertible latch handle is within reach, make sure it is down and that you rotate it clockwise so the latch is in the fully opened position. Continue pressing the convertible top control until the windows lower completely, and the top unfolds and moves forward toward the windshield header.
  • When the top lines up evenly with the windshield header, release the convertible top control.
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The final step when closing the convertible top is to lock the latch.
To lock the latch on the convertible top:
  • Pull down on the latch handle and rotate it counter-clockwise to secure the convertible top.
  • After securing the convertible top fully, push the latch handle up into the stowed position to secure the latch.
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Note:  If you keep the top open for an extended period of time or if the temperature is low, the top material may shrink slightly. If this happens, pull on the latch handle to secure the top.