WARNING:  Do not let children play with the moonroof or leave them unattended in the vehicle. They may seriously hurt themselves.
  WARNING:  When closing the moonroof, you should verify that it is free of obstructions and make sure that children and pets are not in the proximity of the roof opening.

The moonroof controls are located on the overhead console and have a one-touch open and close feature. To stop it during one-touch operation, press the control a second time.
Opening and Closing the Sunscreen
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Press and release the control to open the sunscreen.
Note:  The sunscreen stops at the first panel for the dual panel moonroof. Press and release again to continue to open the sunscreen past the second panel.
Pull and release the control to close the sunscreen. The moonroof, if open, automatically closes prior to closing the sunscreen.
Opening and Closing the Moonroof
Press and release the SLIDE control to open the moonroof. The sunscreen, if closed, automatically opens prior to opening the moonroof. The moonroof stops short of the fully opened position.
Note:  This position helps to reduce wind noise or rumbling which may happen with the moonroof fully open. Press and release the control again to fully open the moonroof.
Pull and release the SLIDE control to close the moonroof.
The moonroof stops automatically while closing. It reverses some distance if there is an obstacle in the way.
Pull and hold the SLIDE control within two seconds of a bounce-back event to override this function. While bounce-back is active, the closing force increases for each of the next three times that you close the moonroof.
Venting the Moonroof
Press and release the TILT control to vent the moonroof. Pull and hold the TILT control to close the moonroof.