Note:  Do not exceed the trailer weight for your vehicle configuration listed in the chart below.
Note:  Be sure to take into consideration trailer frontal area. Do not exceed 20 ft² (1.86 m²) if your vehicle can tow a class I trailer or 40 ft² (3.72 m²) if your vehicle can tow a class III trailer.
Note:  For high altitude operation, reduce the gross combined weight by 2% per 1000 ft (300 m) starting at the 1000 ft (300 m) elevation point.
Note:  Certain states require electric trailer brakes for trailers over a specified weight. Be sure to check state regulations for this specified weight. The maximum trailer weights listed may be limited to this specified weight, as the vehicle’s electrical system may not include the wiring connector needed to activate electric trailer brakes.
Your vehicle may tow a trailer provided the maximum trailer weight is less than or equal to the maximum trailer weight listed for your vehicle configuration on the following chart.

Engine   Maximum GCWR   Maximum trailer weight  
2.3L GTDI 2WD 1   6900 lb (3,130 kg)   2000 lb (907 kg)  
3.5L TiVCT 2WD 1   6900 lb (3,130 kg)   2000 lb (907 kg)  
2.3L GTDI 2WD 2   7950 lb (3,606 kg)   3000 lb (1,361 kg)  
3.5L TiVCT 2WD 2   9950 lb (4,513 kg)   5000 lb (2,268 kg)3  
2.3L GTDI 4WD 1   7100 lb (3,221 kg)   2000 lb (907 kg)  
3.5L TiVCT 4WD 1   7100 lb (3,221 kg)   2000 lb (907 kg)  
2.3L GTDI 4WD 2   8150 lb (3,697 kg)   3000 lb (1,361 kg)  
3.5L TiVCT 4WD 2   10150 lb (4,604 kg)   5000 lb (2,268 kg)3  
3.5L GTDI 4WD 2   10400 lb (4,717 kg)   5000 lb (2,268 kg)3  

1Without Trailer Towing Package.
2With Trailer Towing Package.
3For towing trailers up to 3500 lb (1588 kg), use a weight-carrying hitch and ball, which uniformly spreads the trailer tongue loads through your vehicle’s underbody structure. For towing trailers over 3500 lb (1588 kg), up to the maximum trailer weight, we recommend you use a weight-distributing hitch to increase front axle load when towing.