Touch the climate button on the touchscreen to access your climate control features. Depending on your vehicle line and option package, your climate screen may look different from one of the screens shown below. Your screen may not contain all of the features shown.
Note:  You can switch temperature units between Fahrenheit and Celsius.   See  Settings
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ADriver temperature: Touch up or down to adjust the temperature.
BHeated steering wheel:
Note: This feature only functions when you switch the engine on.
Touch this icon to switch the heated steering wheel on and off. It takes about 5 minutes to warm the steering wheel to 74°F (23°C) in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C). The wheel maintains an approximate temperature of 90°F (32°C) and operates independently from the heated seats and other climate-control functions. The heating element is in between the leather covering and foam core to help provide maximum heat without adversely affecting the feel of the steering wheel.
Note: The heated steering wheel may remain on after remote starting the vehicle, based on your remote start settings. The heated steering wheel may also turn on when you start your vehicle, if it was on when you switched your vehicle off.
Note: For steering wheels with wood trim, the heating feature will not heat the wheel between the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions.
CDefrost: A pop up appears on the screen to display the defrost options.
MAX Defrost: Touch the button to maximize defrosting. Air flows through the windshield vents, the fan automatically adjusts to the highest speed and the driver and passenger temperatures are set to HI. You can use this setting to defog or clear a thin covering of ice from the windshield. The heated rear window also automatically turns on when you select MAX Defrost.
Defrost: Distributes air through the windshield defroster vents and demister vents.
Heated rear window: Turns the heated rear window on and off.   See  Heated Windows and Mirrors
DAUTO: Touch the button to switch on automatic operation. Select the desired temperature using the temperature control. The system adjusts fan speed, air distribution, air conditioning operation, and selects outside air or recirculated air to heat or cool the vehicle in order to maintain the desired temperature.
EPower: Touch the button to switch the system on and off. Switching off the climate control system prevents outside air from entering the vehicle.
FDUAL: This button lights up when the passenger controls are active. To switch the off and link the passenger temperature to the driver temperature, touch the DUAL button.
Note: the passenger side temperature and the DUAL indication automatically turn on when you or your passenger adjust the passenger temperature.
GPassenger temperature: Touch up or down to adjust the temperature.
HFan speed: Touch up or down to increase or decrease the volume of air that circulates in your vehicle.
Note: You cannot adjust the fan speed when the system is set to AUTO or MAX A/C.
IRear: A pop up appears on the screen to display the rear control options.
Touch Rear Lock to switch the rear climate control functions off and on.
Touch Rear Control to allow the rear seat passengers to adjust the rear climate settings. Touch it again to prevent the rear seat passengers from adjusting the settings. Rear Control automatically turns off when you use the touchscreen to adjust the rear climate settings.
If your vehicle has automatic climate controls, select Auto to connect the rear climate settings to the Auto settings of the driver.
Touch the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature.
J Manual airflow distribution controls: Select these controls individually, together, or with Defrost to direct the air flow to the area you desire.
Panel: Distributes air through the instrument panel vents.
Floor: Distributes air through the demister vents, floor vents and rear seat floor vents.
KA/C: A pop-up appears on the screen to display the air conditioning options.
MAX A/C: Touch the button to activate and maximize cooling. The driver and passenger temperatures are set to LO, recirculated air flows through the instrument panel vents, air conditioning automatically turns on and the fan automatically adjusts to the highest speed.
A/C: Touch to switch the air conditioning on or off. Use A/C with recirculated air to improve cooling performance and efficiency.
Note: In certain conditions (for example, Max Defrost), the air conditioning compressor may continue to operate even when you switch the air conditioning A/C button off.
Recirculated air: Touch to switch the recirculated air on or off. When recirculated air is on, it may reduce the amount of time needed to cool down the interior (when used with A/C) and help reduce odors from reaching the interior.
Note: Recirculated air may turn off automatically (or the system may prevent it from turning on) in all airflow modes except MAX A/C to reduce risk of fogging. It may also turn on and off automatically in Panel or Panel/Floor airflow modes during hot weather in order to improve cooling efficiency.