Your vehicle is equipped with unique wheels matched to the tires. To avoid damage to your wheels:
  • Maintain proper tire pressure.   See   Tire Care
  • Due to extreme tire/wheel width, this vehicle cannot be taken through an automatic car wash that uses mechanical tracks, as wheel damage may result.
  • When installing wheels, always torque lug nuts to specification with a torque wrench.
  • Inspect your wheels for damage on a regular basis. If you have a damaged wheel, replace it immediately.
  • In the event that you encounter an abnormally harsh impact, inspect the outside tire wall of your wheels, both inside and out, for damage.
Optional Bead-Lock Compatible Wheel
Note:   Ford Performance only recommends using bead-lock rings from Ford Performance Parts, in conjunction with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tire. Any other combination using this wheel could result in air loss or tire failure.
Note:   Converting the bead-lock compatible wheel to true bead-locks is for off-road use only. On road driving is not permitted.
If your vehicle is equipped with the optional bead lock compatible wheel, you have the ability to convert this wheel to use a true bead-lock ring, which allows operation at low tire pressures when off-road to minimize risk of de-beading the tire. See your local Ford Performance Parts Dealer for more information.