The Terrain Management System delivers a driving experience through a suite of sophisticated electronic vehicle systems. These systems optimize steering, handling and powertrain response. This provides a single location to control multiple systems performance settings.
Changing the drive mode automatically changes the functionality of the following systems:
  • Electronically power-assisted steering system adjusts steering effort and feel based on the mode you select.See  Steering . 
  • Electronic stability control and traction control maintains your vehicle control in adverse conditions or high performance driving. See  Stability Control . 
  • Electronic throttle control enhances the powertrain response to your inputs.
  • Transmission controls are optimized with shift schedules tuned to each terrain.
  • Transfer case; automatically engages specific 4WD modes and raises or lowers torque output depending on selected terrain mode. (See Terrain Mode Configurations).
  • Electronic Locking Differential; engages automatically during certain terrain modes.
Note:   Do not use electronic locking differential on dry, hard surfaced roads. Doing so will produce excessive noise, vibration and increase tire wear.   See   Electronic Locking Differential
Using the Terrain Management System
The Terrain Management System automatically tailors your vehicle configuration for each mode you select.
Mode Switch
To change the drive mode setting, press the drive mode button on the steering wheel.
Note:   Mode changes are not available when the vehicle ignition is off.
On-Road Modes
Lane Assist  Normal Mode - For everyday driving. Normal mode is a perfect balance of excitement, comfort and convenience.Sport Icon  Sport Mode - For aggressive on-road driving. Sport mode increases throttle response, provides a sportier steering feel, along with quicker shifting. The transmission also holds gears longer, helping your vehicle accelerate faster.
Snow/Wet Weather Condition  Weather Mode - For less than ideal road conditions, such as snow or ice covered roads. Weather mode inspires confidence without taking away from driving pleasure. Weather mode automatically engages 4x4 Auto, lowers throttle response and optimizes shifting for slippery surfaces.
Off-Road Modes
Terrain Manag/Mud Sand  Mud/Sand Mode - For navigating tight trails and over obstacles. Mud/Sand mode automatically engages 4x4 High and the electronic locking differential for improved off-road capability, and provides a comfortable steering feel.Terrain Control - Baja  Baja Mode - For high speed off-road driving. Baja mode automatically engages 4x4 High and optimizes the throttle control for better response and torque delivery.
Terrain Manage / Rock Crawling  Rock Crawl Mode - For optimum rock-climbing ability. Rock mode prompts you to put your vehicle in 4x4 Low and automatically engages the electronic locking differential. Rock Crawl mode optimizes the throttle and transmission response to provide you additional control of your vehicle.
Note:   If you select the Mud and Sand, Baja or Rock mode, the traction and stability control performance degrades and the warning indicator illuminates in the instrument cluster. See  Using Stability Control . 
Note:   The Terrain Management System has diagnostic checks that continuously monitor the system for proper operation. Certain drive modes will not be available based on gear shifter position. If a mode is unavailable due to a system fault, the mode defaults to Normal.
Terrain Mode Configurations

  On-Road Modes   Off-Road Modes  
Normal   Sport   Weather   Mud/Sand   Baja   Rock Crawl  
Engine/Trans Controls   Normal   Sport   Weather   Mud/Sand   Baja   Rock Crawl  
AdvanceTrac Controls   Normal   Normal   Weather   Mud/Sand   Baja   Rock Crawl  
Steering Effort   Normal   Sport   Normal   Comfort   Normal   Comfort  
Electronic Locking Differential (4x4 only)   Available below 25 mph (40 km/h)   Available below 25 mph (40 km/h)   Available below 25 mph (40 km/h)   Engaged at all speeds; can be disengaged manually   Available at all speeds   Engaged at all speeds; can be disengaged manually  
Default Transfer Case   4x2   4x2   4x4 Auto   4x4 High   4x4 High   4x4 Low  

Transfer Case Availability

Drive selection / Terrain mode   Normal mode 1   Sport mode   Weather mode   Mud/Sand mode   Baja mode   Rock Crawl mode  
4x2   Default mode   Default mode   Not Available   Not Available   Available   Not Available  
4x4 Auto   Available   Normal Tuning   Available   Sport Tuning   Default mode   Weather Tuning   Not Available   Not Available   Not Available  
4x4 High   Available   Available   Available   Default mode   Default mode   Not Available  
4x4 Low   Available   Not Available   Available   Available   Available   Default mode  

1 Default Terrain Mode across ignition cycles.
Note:   4WD Modes are maintained across ignition cycles.
Note:   Default Mode - Automatically engages specific 4WD mode depending on selected Terrain Mode.
Note:   Available - Selectable 4WD mode for additional driver preference via the 4WD switch.
Selectable Steering
Note:   The steering setting defaults to Normal if the battery is disconnected or removed.
Steering Wheel Icon  To change the steering feel, press the button on the steering wheel. The first press illuminates the selected mode, subsequent presses will change the selected mode.
  • Normal - Default factory setting.
  • Sport - Slightly higher effort required for steering with more road force felt through the steering wheel.
  • Comfort - Slightly less effort required for steering with less road force felt through the steering wheel.
After selecting the desired setting, you may feel a soft feedback bump in the steering wheel when the changeover occurs.