Welcome to the Ford Performance family!
Performance and racing are deeply embedded in Ford’s DNA, dating back to October 10, 1901 when Henry Ford won his first race against Alexander Winton, America’s greatest racer at the time. Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company 18 months later with capital raised on the back of this remarkable upset victory.
Today, that spirit of passion, innovation and performance lives on through Ford Performance. Established in 2015, the company’s performance teams -- Ford Special Vehicle Team (United States), Team RS (Europe), Ford Performance (Australia) and Ford Racing (United States) – have unified under the mission to create the world’s leading performance vehicles, parts, accessories and experiences for enthusiasts. This includes accelerating the development of advanced aerodynamics, lightweighting, electronics, powertrain performance, fuel efficiency and other technologies that can be applied across Ford’s product portfolio.
We are proud and passionate about what we do and we look forward to a long and exciting relationship with you. Thank you for choosing Ford Performance!
GT350 - Six Ford Performance Cars