The F-150 Raptor carries the same New Vehicle Limited Warranty as other Ford F-150 models. This information is covered in its entirety in your warranty information.
Warranty service for the F-150 Raptor or any Ford Performance vehicle can be obtained at any Ford dealer nationwide.
Ford Performance does not recommend modifying or racing Ford Performance vehicles, as they are designed and built to be driven as delivered from the factory. The warranty information discusses vehicle usage and the installation of aftermarket parts and their effect on warranty coverage.
These modifications may not necessarily protect your engine from damage in competition conditions. Subjecting your vehicle to competition conditions even with these modifications may render repairs non-reimbursable under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Ford Performance has engineered your F-150 Raptor for off-road use beyond what is normal for a F-150. However, it can incur damage if driven beyond its capabilities. Skid plates, shock guards and running boards were designed to help limit damage to vital components and exterior finishes, but cannot prevent all damage if driven in extreme off-road conditions. Damage to skid plates, shock guards, running boards and exterior finishes as well as bent, cracked or broken body, frame and chassis components may not be covered by warranty.
Vehicle damage caused by driving through deep water at excessive speeds may not be covered under warranty.   See   Off-Road Driving
Please see the warranty information for complete information.
Perform Multi-Point Inspection and the inspections outlined in Scheduled Maintenance information. Refer to the vehicle’s Workshop Manual for removal and installation procedures. Replace with genuine Ford and Motorcraft service parts as needed.