The auxiliary switchboard on the overhead console makes aftermarket customization easier with six prewired switches connected to the power distribution box. Each circuit is individually fused for connection of electrical accessories.
Auxiliary Switches
The switches are labeled AUX 1 through AUX 6. They only operate when the ignition is in the on position, whether the engine is running or not. We recommend that you leave the engine running to maintain battery charge when using the switches for an extended time or when using higher current draw accessories. When a switch is turned on, the indicator light on the switch illuminates and the circuit provides power to the device wired to that switch.
Blunt-Cut Wires
There are three sets of blunt-cut and sealed circuits. Two sets are under the hood, and one set is inside your vehicle.
The powered set (A) is taped on a wire harness bundle to the right of the power distribution box.
The second set (B) is also under the hood. It is taped to the harness under the right side powertrain control module connector. This set routes to the interior passenger footwell.
Wire Harness - Passenger Footwell
The third interior set (C) is taped on a wire harness by the passenger side footwell. This set is the other end of the circuits taped under the hood at the powertrain control module connector.
Remove the fuse panel access door in the kick panel to access the wires. If you do not see them, you may need to pull them down.
See the Fuses chapter of your Owner’s Manual for information on fuse and relay locations. See your authorized dealer for service.
The relays are coded as follows:

Power Distribution Box   Wire Color   Underhood Pass Through   Wire Color   Passenger Footwell   Wire Size   Fuse  
AUX 1   Green/White   AUX 1   Green/White   AUX 1   1.0 mm²   15A  
AUX 2   Brown/Blue   AUX 2   Brown/Blue   AUX 2   1.0 mm²   15A  
AUX 3   Gray/Yellow   AUX 3   Gray/Yellow   AUX 3   0.50 mm²   10A  
AUX 4   Yellow/Green   AUX 4   Yellow/Green   AUX 4   0.50 mm²   10A  
AUX 5   Brown/White   AUX 5   Brown/White   AUX 5   0.35 mm²   5A  
AUX 6   Green/Orange   AUX 6   Green/Orange   AUX 6   0.35 mm²   5A