Item   Description  
Set the language.  
Measurement Units
Set the distance unit.  
Temperature Units
Set the temperature unit.  
Touchscreen Beep
Switch touchscreen tones on and off.  
Automatic System Updates
Switch automatic updates on and off.  
About SYNC
View information about the system and software.  
Software Licenses
View information about the software license.  
Master Reset
Reset all settings to factory levels.1  

1This resets all settings and deletes your personal data.

Item   Description  
Adjust the display brightness.2  
Set a light background, a dark background or have the system adjust the background based on how dark it is.  
Display Off
Switch the display off.3  
Auto Dim
Have the system adjust the display brightness based on how dark it is.  
Set the background.  
Calm Screen
View less information in the display.  

2This does not change the brightness that you set through the information display.
3Touch the screen to switch the display back on.

Item   Description  
Reset All
Reset all sound settings to factory levels.  
Adjust treble frequency sounds.  
Adjust mid-range frequency sounds.  
Adjust bass frequency sounds.  
Balance / Fade
Adjust the sound ratio from side to side and front to rear.  
Speed Compensated Volume
Adjust the amount that the volume increases as your vehicle speed increases.  
Occupancy Mode
Optimize sound for certain seating positions.  
Sound Mode
Switch stereo and surround sound on and off.  

Media Player

Item   Description  
Podcast Speed
Adjust the playback speed of podcasts on some iOS devices.  
Audiobook Speed
Adjust the playback speed of audiobooks on some iOS devices.  
Cover Art Priority
Displays the cover art from the files on your device. If the files on your device do not contain cover art, the system displays Gracenote cover art.  
Gracenote® Management
Switch the provision of metadata from Gracenote on and off.  
Gracenote® Database Info
View information about Gracenote.  
Device Information
View information about your media player software license.  
Reset Media Index
Delete the metadata that the system holds about the files on your device to allow re-indexing.  


Item   Submenu Item  
Clock Format
Set how time displays.  
Auto Time Zone Update
Set the clock to adjust to time zone changes.  
Reset Clock to GPS Time
Set the clock to adjust GPS satellite changes.  

The system automatically saves any updates you make to these settings.

Item   Description  
Switch Bluetooth on and off.  


Item   Description  
View Devices
Manage your devices.  
Add a Bluetooth Device
Add a device.  
Connect a device.  
Disconnect a device.  
Device Information
View information about your device.  
Make Favorite
Select a preferred device.  
Delete a device.  
Manage Contacts
Manage your phonebook and contacts.  
Auto-Download Contacts
Switch automatic phonebook download on.  
Sort By:
Set your contacts to display alphabetically by forename or by surname.  
Re-download Contacts
Manually download your phonebook.  
Delete Contacts
Delete your phonebook from the system.  
Set Phone Ringtone
Manage device tones.  
No Ringtone
Mute the ring tone of your cell phone.  
Use Phone Ringtone
View and select the ring tone for incoming calls. You can select the ring tone on your phone or one of the system ring tones.  
Text Messaging
Switch text messaging on and off.  
No Tone (Silence)
Switch text message notification tones on and off.  
Voice Readout
Switch text message voice notification on and off.  
Roaming Warning
Switch roaming notification on and off.  
Low Battery Notification
Switch low battery notification on and off.  

Emergency Assistance (If Equipped)

Item   Description  
Emergency Assistance
Switch Emergency Assistance on and off.  
Set Emergency Contacts
Set emergency contacts from your phonebook.  


Item   Description  
Radio Text
View information about the current radio broadcast.  
Autoset Presets (AST)
Refresh the six strongest FM radio stations in your current location to the preset bank where the current radio station is stored.  
Service Linking
Have the system switch to FM if DAB is not available.  
Alternate frequency
Have the system tune to a different frequency for the same radio station with a stronger signal.  
News Announcements
Have news announcements interrupt the current audio source.  

Navigation System (If Equipped)

Item   Description  
Map Preferences
Adjust your map preferences.  
3D City Model
Display three-dimensional buildings on the map.  
Display white dots on the map to represent your previous route.  
POI Icons
Display point of interest icons on the map.  
Select POIs
Select which point of interest categories display on the map.  

Route Guidance

Item   Description  
Route Preferences
Adjust your route preferences.  
Preferred Route
Select the shortest, fastest or most eco friendly route.  
Always Use ___ Route
Bypass route selection in destination programming. The system only calculates one route based on your preferred route setting.  
Automatically Find Parking
The system searches for and displays available parking locations as you approach your destination.  
Eco Time Penalty
Select a level of cost for the calculated eco friendly route. The higher the setting, the longer the system allows for the route.  
Dynamic Route Guidance
Switch whether the system considers traffic information when planning a route on or off.4  
Navigation Preferences
Adjust your navigation preferences.  
Guidance Prompts
Select voice and tones, only voice or only tones.  
Hazard Spot Warning
Adjust how the system alerts you to hazards or switch alerts off.5  

4Reliant upon traffic message channel or online traffic.
5Not available in all countries.

Item   Description  
Enable Mobile Apps
Enable or disable the use of mobile apps on the system.   Disabling mobile apps in the settings menu disables automatic updates and the use of mobile apps on the system.  
Enable Mobile Apps via USB
Update Mobile Apps
Provides information on the current state of available app updates.  
All Apps
Grant or deny permissions to all apps at once.  


Item   Description  
System Wi-Fi
Adjust your Wi-Fi preferences.  
View Available Networks
Select from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.  
Wi-Fi Availability Notification
Select to switch notifications on and off.  

Ambient Lighting (If Equipped)
Tap a color once to activate ambient lighting. This sets the color to the highest intensity.
You can drag the colors up and down to increase or decrease the intensity.
To switch ambient lighting off, press the active color once or drag the active color all the way down to zero intensity.
Vehicle Settings (If Equipped)

Item   Description  
Camera Settings
Adjust the rear camera preferences.  
Rear Camera Delay
You can enable or disable this option using the slider.   When this option is on, the rear view camera display is shown for a short time after you shift the vehicle into drive.  
Active Park Assist
Allows you to switch the park aid feature on and off from the rear view camera screen.  
Enhanced Park Aids
Displays a visual indication when the reverse sensing system detects an object.  

Voice Recognition

Item   Description  
Advanced Mode
Enable this option to remove additional voice prompts and confirmations.  
Phone Confirmation
Enable this option to have the system confirm a contacts name with you before making a call.  
Voice Command List
Enable this option to have the system display a list of available voice commands when the voice button is pressed.  

Valet Mode (If Equipped)
Valet mode allows you to lock the system. No information is accessible until the system is unlocked with the correct PIN.
When you select valet mode a pop up appears informing you that a four digit code must be entered to enable and disable valet mode. You can use any PIN you chose but you must use the same PIN to disable valet mode. The system asks you to input the code.
Note:   If the system locks, and you need to reset the PIN, contact an authorized dealer.
To enable valet mode, enter your chosen PIN. The system then asks to confirm your PIN by reentering it. The system then locks.
To unlock the system, enter the same pin number. The system reconnects to your phone and all of your options are available again.