Note:   Do not apply a cleaning chemical to warm or hot wheel rims and covers.
Note:   Industrial-strength (heavy-duty) cleaners, or cleaning chemicals, in combination with brush agitation to remove brake dust and dirt, could wear away the clear coat finish over a period of time.
Note:   Do not use hydrofluoric acid-based or high caustic-based wheel cleaners, steel wool, fuels or strong household detergent.
Note:   If you intend parking your vehicle for an extended period after cleaning the wheels with a wheel cleaner, drive your vehicle for a few minutes before doing so. This will reduce the risk of increased corrosion of the brake discs, brake pads and linings.
Note:   Some automatic car washes may cause damage to the finish on your wheel rims and covers.
Alloy wheels and wheel covers are coated with a clear coat paint finish. To maintain their condition we recommend that you:
  • Clean them weekly with the recommended wheel and tire cleaner.
  • Use a sponge to remove heavy deposits of dirt and brake dust accumulation.
  • Rinse them thoroughly with a pressurized stream of water when you have completed the cleaning process.
Consult your authorized dealer for approved cleaning products.
Using other non-recommended cleaning products can result in severe and permanent cosmetic damage.