Principle of Operation
WARNING   WARNING:  The system is designed to aid the driver. It is not intended to replace your attention and judgment. You are still responsible to drive with due care and attention.
WARNING   WARNING:  At all times, you are responsible for controlling your vehicle, supervising the system and intervening, if required. Failure to take care may result in the loss of control of your vehicle, serious personal injury or death.
WARNING   WARNING:  The system may not function if the sensor is blocked.
WARNING   WARNING:  Take regular rest breaks if you feel tired. Do not wait for the system to warn you.
WARNING   WARNING:  Certain driving styles may result in the system warning you even if you are not feeling tired.
WARNING   WARNING:  In cold and severe weather conditions the system may not function. Rain, snow and spray can all limit sensor performance.
WARNING   WARNING:  The system will not operate if the sensor cannot track the road lane markings.
WARNING   WARNING:  If damage occurs in the immediate area surrounding the sensor, have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.
WARNING   WARNING:  The system may not correctly operate if your vehicle is fitted with a suspension kit not approved by us.

Note:   Keep the windshield free from obstructions for example bird droppings, insects and snow or ice.
Note:   The system assists you when driving on fast main roads and freeways.
Note:   The system calculates an alertness level at vehicle speeds above approximately 65 km/h (40 mph).
The system automatically monitors your driving behavior.
The system is designed to alert you if it detects that you are becoming drowsy or if your driving deteriorates.
Using Driver Alert
Switching the System On and Off
Switch the system on using the information display.   See   Information Displays
Note:   The system remains on or off depending on how it was last set.
The system calculates your alertness level based upon your driving behavior in relation to the lane markings and other factors.
System Warnings
Note:   The system does not warn you if the vehicle speed falls below approximately 65 km/h (40 mph).
The warning system has two stages:
  1. A temporary warning is issued to advise you to take a rest. This message only appears for a short time.
  2. If you do not rest and the system continues to detect that your driving deteriorates, it issues a further warning. This remains in the information display until you cancel it.   See   Information Messages
Press OK on the steering wheel control to remove the warning.
System Display
When active the system runs automatically in the background and only issue warnings if required. You can view the status at any time using the information display.   See   General Information
The alertness level is shown by six steps as a colored bar.
Driver Alert Screen
Alertness level is fine, no rest required.
Driver Alert Screen
Alertness level is critical, indicating that you should take a rest as soon as it is safe to do so.
The status bar travels from left to right as the calculated alertness level decreases. As the rest icon is approached, the color turns from green to yellow and then finally red when a rest break must be taken.
  • Green: No rest required.
  • Yellow: First (temporary) warning.
  • Red: Second warning.
Your alertness level will be shown in gray if:
  • The sensor cannot track the road lane markings.
  • The vehicle speed falls below approximately 65 km/h (40 mph).
Resetting the System
You can reset the system by:
  • Switching the ignition off and on.
  • Stopping your vehicle and then opening and closing the driver door.

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