WARNING   WARNING:  The system will only provide protection when you use the seatbelt correctly.

A warning lamp illuminates and an audible warning sounds when the following conditions have been met:
  • The driver seat is occupied or the front seats are occupied.
  • The front seatbelts have not been fastened.
  • Your vehicle exceeds a relatively low speed.
It also illuminates when a front seatbelt is unfastened when your vehicle is moving.
If you do not fasten your seatbelt, the audible and visual warnings turn off after approximately five minutes.
Switching the Seatbelt Reminder Off
Contact an authorized dealer.
Seatbelt Monitor
A tick symbol displays confirming the seatbelt has been fastened.
An exclamation mark displays and a tone sounds if a seatbelt is unfastened.
Note:   If multiple seatbelts are unfastened within a few seconds of each other, only one tone sounds.