WARNING   WARNING:  Insert the tongue into the buckle until you hear a distinct click. You have not fastened the safety belt correctly if you do not hear a click.
WARNING   WARNING:  Make sure that your safety belt is securely stored away and is not outside your vehicle when closing the door.

Fastening Front Seat BeltsRear Seat Belts
Pull the belt out steadily. It may lock if you pull it sharply or if your vehicle is on a slope.
The rear outer safety belts can lock if you return the seatback from a folded position to the upright position forcefully. Should the safety belt lock, recline the seat using the recline adjustment.   See   Rear Seats
Press the red button on the buckle to release the belt. Hold the tongue and let it retract completely and smoothly to its stowed position.
Using Safety Belts During Pregnancy
Using Seatbelt During Pregnancy
WARNING   WARNING:  Position the safety belt correctly for your safety and that of your unborn child. Do not use only the lap strap or the shoulder strap.

Pregnant women should always wear their safety belt. The lap belt portion of a combination lap and shoulder belt should be positioned low across the hips below the belly and worn as tight as comfort will allow. The shoulder belt should be positioned to cross the middle of the shoulder and the center of the chest.