Power Door Locks
The power door lock control is on the front driver and passenger door.
Door Lock/Unlock Switch
Remote Control
You can use the remote control from outside your vehicle when your vehicle is not running.
Unlocking the Doors
Remote Control  Unlock Button  Press the button to unlock the driver’s door.The direction indicators flash.
Press the button again within three seconds to unlock all doors.The direction indicators flash.
Note:   You can unlock the driver's door with the key.Use the key when the remote control is not functioning.
Note:   When you lock your vehicle for several weeks, the remote control turns off.Your vehicle must be unlocked and the engine started using the key.Unlocking and starting your vehicle once enables the remote control.
Reprogramming the Unlocking Function in keyless vehicles
You can reprogram the unlocking function so that only the driver’s door is unlocked.  See   Remote Control
Locking the Doors
Central Locking/Alarm Symbol  Press the button to lock all the doors.The direction indicators flash.
 Press the button again within three seconds to confirm that all the doors are closed.The doors lock again and the direction indicators flash if all the doors and the luggage compartment are closed.
Note:   If any door or the luggage compartment is not closed, or if the hood is not closed on vehicles that have an anti-theft alarm or remote start, the direction indicators do not flash.
Double Locking
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not use double locking when passengers or animals are inside your vehicle. The doors cannot be unlocked or opened from the inside when double locked.

 Double locking is a theft protection feature that prevents someone from opening the doors from the inside.You can only double lock the doors if they are all closed.
Remote Control - Lock Button  Press the button twice within three seconds.
Automatic Relocking
The doors relock automatically if you do not open a door within 45 seconds of unlocking the doors with the remote control.The door locks and the alarm returns to the previous state.
Power Liftgate (If Equipped)
WARNING   WARNING:  Make sure all persons are clear of the power liftgate area before using the power liftgate control.
WARNING   WARNING:  Make sure that you fully close the liftgate to prevent exhaust fumes from entering your vehicle. If you are unable to fully close the liftgate, open the air vents or the windows to allow fresh air to enter your vehicle. Failure to follow this instruction could result in personal injury or death.

Liftgate Ajar  Press twice within three seconds to open or close the liftgate, or to reverse the movement.  See   Power Liftgate
Note:   Be careful when opening or closing the liftgate in a garage or other enclosed area to avoid damaging the liftgate.
Locking and Unlocking the Doors from Inside
Use the lock and unlock buttons located on the driver's and front passenger's door.
Locking and Unlocking the Doors with the Key
Note:   Do not leave your keys in your vehicle.
Locking with the Key
Turn the top of the key toward the front of your vehicle.
Double Locking with the Key
Turn the key to the lock position twice within three seconds.
Unlock the driver's door using the key. You can unlock all other doors individually by pulling the interior door handles.
Note:   If the child safety locks are on and you pull the interior handle, only the emergency locking turns off, not the child safety lock.You can only open the doors using the external door handle.
Note:   If the doors have been unlocked using this method, the doors must be locked individually until the central locking function has been restored.
Locking the Doors Individually with the Key
Note:   When the central locking function fails to operate, lock the doors individually using the key in the position shown.
Child Safety Lock
Left-hand Side
Turn clockwise to lock.
Right-hand Side
Turn counterclockwise to lock.

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