For vehicles with a keyless ignition, this automatically shuts down your vehicle if it has been idling for an extended period. The ignition also turns off to save battery power. Before your vehicle shuts down, a message appears in the information display showing a timer counting down. If you do not intervene within 30 seconds, your vehicle shuts down. Start your vehicle as normal.
Automatic Engine Shutdown Override
Note:   You cannot permanently switch off the automatic shutdown.When you switch it off temporarily, it turns on at the next ignition cycle.
You can stop the shutdown, or reset the timer, at any point before the 30-second countdown has expired by doing any of the following:
  • Interacting with your vehicle, for example pressing the brake or accelerator pedal.
  • Disabling the shutdown using the information display.  See   Information Displays
  • Pressing the OK or RESET button during the 30-second countdown.