Running out of fuel can cause damage not covered by the vehicle Warranty.
If your vehicle runs out of fuel:
  • Add a minimum of 5 L (1.1 gal) of fuel to restart the engine.
  • You may need to switch the ignition from off to on several times after refueling to allow the fuel system to pump the fuel from the tank to the engine.When restarting, cranking time takes a few seconds longer than normal.
Note:   If your vehicle is on a steep slope, more fuel may be required.
Filling a Portable Fuel Container
WARNING   WARNING:  Flow of fuel through a fuel pump nozzle can produce static electricity. This can cause a fire if you are filling an ungrounded fuel container.

Use the following guidelines to avoid electrostatic charge build-up, which can produce a spark, when filling an ungrounded fuel container:
  • Only use an approved fuel container to transfer fuel to your vehicle.Place the container on the ground when filling it.
  • Do not fill a fuel container when it is inside your vehicle (including the cargo area).
  • Keep the fuel pump nozzle in contact with the fuel container when filling it.
  • Do not use a device that holds the fuel pump nozzle lever in the fill position.
Adding Fuel From a Portable Fuel Container
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not insert the nozzle of a fuel container or an aftermarket funnel into the fuel filler neck. This may damage the fuel system filler neck or its seal and cause fuel to run onto the ground.
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not try to pry open or push open the capless fuel system with foreign objects. This could damage the fuel system and its seal and cause injury to you or others.
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not dispose of fuel in the household refuse or the public sewage system. Use an authorized waste disposal facility.

When refueling the vehicle fuel tank from a fuel container, use the fuel filler funnel included with your vehicle.   See   Fuel Filler Funnel Location
Note:   Do not use aftermarket funnels as they may not work with the capless fuel system and can damage it.
When refueling the vehicle fuel tank from a fuel container, do the following:
  1. Fully open the fuel filler door.
  1. Fully insert the fuel filler funnel into the fuel filler inlet.
Fuel Funnel
  1. Add fuel to your vehicle from the fuel container.
  1. Remove the fuel filler funnel.
  1. Fully close the fuel filler door.
  1. Clean the fuel filler funnel and place it back in your vehicle or correctly dispose of it.
Note:   Extra funnels can be purchased from an authorized dealer if you choose to dispose of the funnel.