WARNING   WARNING:  You must switch the ignition on when your vehicle is being towed. Failure to follow this warning could seriously increase the risk of injury or death.
WARNING   WARNING:  The brake and steering assistance will not operate unless the engine is running. Press the brake pedal harder and be aware of increased stopping distances and heavier steering.
WARNING   WARNING:  If your vehicle has a steering wheel lock make sure the ignition is in the accessory or on position when being towed.
WARNING   WARNING:  Too much tension on a tow rope could cause damage to your vehicle or the vehicle that is towing.
WARNING   WARNING:  When towing your vehicle you must select neutral. Failure to follow this warning could damage the transmission and may lead to a crash or injury.

Drive off slowly and smoothly without jerking the vehicle you are towing.
You must only use the towing eye that was delivered with your vehicle.   See   Towing Points
Tow ropes or rigid towing bars must be placed on the same side. For example; right hand rear towing point to right hand front towing point.
You must use a tow rope or rigid towing bar that is of the correct strength for the weight of the towing vehicle and the vehicle that is being towed.
The weight of the vehicle that is being towed must not exceed the weight of the towing vehicle.
Do not exceed 50 km/h (31 mph).   See   Towing the Vehicle on Four Wheels - Manual Transmission

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