Note:   For more information, refer to the regional Ford website.
Image Shown Without Description  Select the navigation option on the feature bar.
Map Mode
AMap view menu.
BZoom in.
CZoom out.
DRoute guidance menu.
EDestination entry menu.
Setting a Destination
Destination Entry Menu

Item   Description  
Enter a destination address.  
Previous Destinations
Display and select from a list of previous destinations.  
Set your saved home address as your destination  
Set your saved place of work as your destination.  
Display and select from a list of favorite destinations.  

Setting a Destination Using the Text Entry Screen
Text Entry Screen
AText entry field.
BInformation icon.
CAutomatic suggestions based on the text you enter.
DExtended keyboard.
FKeyboard settings.
Note:   Select one of the suggestions to copy the detail to the text entry field.

Image Shown Without Description
Select Destination.
Select Search and enter your destination.
Note:   You can enter a destination in a number of formats, for example city street number, city number street, zip code or point of interest.
Note:   You do not have to enter the destination country.
Note:   To enter mutated vowels or accented characters, for example ä or é, press and hold the corresponding character on the keyboard.
Note:   You can delete text if you make an error by selecting backspace.
Select Search.
Select Start to begin route guidance.
Note:   Press the button in the top right-hand corner of the main map to display estimated time of arrival, remaining travel time or distance to destination.
Setting a Destination Using the Map Screen
Map Search Mode
ARe-center the map.
BSelected location.
C3D map rotation. Swipe left or right.
DStart route guidance.
EDestination name.
FShow feature bar.
Select the location on the map.
Select Start to begin route guidance.
Changing the Format of the Map
Display the map in one of the following formats:
  • A two-dimensional map with the direction you are traveling toward the top of the screen.
  • A two-dimensional map with north toward the top of the screen.
  • A three-dimensional map with the direction you are traveling toward the front.
Display more or less detail on the map.
Note:   You can use pinch gestures to zoom in and out. Place two fingers on the screen and move them apart to zoom in. Place two fingers on the screen and bring them together to zoom out.
Route Guidance
Route Guidance Mode
ATurn indicator. Select to hear the last voice prompt.
BPoint of interest.
CEstimated time of arrival, distance to destination or time to destination.
DCurrent road.
EMute guidance prompts.
Note:   To change guidance prompt volume, turn the volume control when a guidance prompt plays.
Route Guidance Menu

Menu Item   Description  
Screen View
Adjust your map preferences for when route guidance is active.  
Full Map
View a full screen map when route guidance is active.  
Highway Exit Info
View highway exit information for your current route.  
Turn List
View the turn list for your current route. Select a road to avoid it.  
Navigation Settings
Adjust navigation settings.   See   Settings.   
Where Am I?
View information about your current location.  
Cancel Route
Cancel route guidance.  
View Route
View the entire current route on the a map.  
View an alternative route compared to your current one.  
Edit Waypoints
Change the order or remove waypoints.  
Optimize Order
The system determines the order of waypoints for you.  
Go to the next screen and start the new route.  

Adjusting the Guidance Prompt Volume
Turn the volume control when a guidance prompt plays to adjust the volume.
Note:   If you have inadvertently adjusted the volume to zero, press the turn indicator button to play the last voice prompt and then adjust the volume to the desired level.
Muting Guidance Prompts
Mute Icon  Select the mute option on the screen to mute guidance prompts.
Note:   The system mutes the next and all future guidance prompts.
Note:   When you mute guidance prompts, the color of the symbol changes to green.
Adding Waypoints
You can add a waypoint to a navigation route as a destination along your route. You can add up to five waypoints.
  1. Select the search option on the map.
  1. Set a destination.
  1. Select Add Waypoint.
  1. Select Go.
Canceling Route Guidance
Menu/List  Select the route guidance menu option on the active guidance screen.
Select Cancel Route.

Image Shown Without Description
Note:   The route guidance menu option is always in the bottom right-hand corner of the main map.
Michelin Travel Guide (If Equipped)
The Michelin travel guide is a service which provides additional information about certain places of interest, for example restaurants, hotels and tourist sites. Points of interest that have Michelin travel guide information display a button to show you more information. Push the button to see the additional information. If you have paired your phone with the system, you can press the phone button to directly establish a call with the selected point of interest.
Navigation Map Updates
HERE is the digital map provider for the navigation application. If you find map data errors, you may report them directly to HERE by going to HERE evaluates all reported map errors and responds with the result of their investigation by e-mail.