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AAUTO: Press to switch on automatic operation. Adjust to select the desired temperature. Fan speed, air distribution, air conditioning operation, and outside or recirculated air adjust to heat or cool the vehicle to maintain the desired temperature.
BHeated windshield: Press to clear the heated windshield of thin ice and fog.   See   Heated Windshield
CFan speed control: Adjusts the volume of air circulated in the vehicle.
DAir distribution control: Press to switch air flow from the windshield, instrument panel or footwell vents on or off. You can distribute air through any combination of these vents.
EClimate control display: Shows the temperature settings and fan speed.
FHeated rear window: Press to switch the heated rear window on and off.   See   Heated Windows and Mirrors
GA/C: Press to switch the air conditioning on or off. Use A/C with recirculated air to improve cooling performance and efficiency.
Note: In certain conditions (for example, maximum defrost) the air conditioning compressor may continue to operate even though you switch off the air conditioning.
HRecirculated air: Press to switch between outside air and recirculated air. The air currently in the passenger compartment recirculates. This may reduce the time needed to cool the interior (when used with A/C) and reduce unwanted odors from entering your vehicle.
Note: Recirculated air may turn off (or prevent you from switching on) in all air flow modes except MAX A/C to reduce the risk of fogging. Recirculation may also turn on and off in Panel or Panel/Floor air flow modes during hot weather to improve cooling efficiency.
IHeated seats: Press to switch the heated seats on and off.   See   Heated Seats
JMAX A/C: Press for maximum cooling. The driver and passenger settings set to LO, recirculated air flows through the instrument panel vents, air conditioning turns on and the fan adjusts to the highest speed.
KMAX Defrost: Press to switch on defrost. The driver and passenger settings set to HI, air flows through the windshield vents, and the fan adjusts to the highest speed. You can also use this setting to defog and clear the windshield of a thin covering of ice. The heated rear window also turns on when you select maximum defrost.
Note: To prevent window fogging, you cannot select recirculated air when maximum defrost is on.
LPower: Press to switch the system on and off. When the system is off, it prevents outside air from entering the vehicle.
Temperature Control
Temperature and Rotary Fan Controls
You can set the temperature between 15 °C (59 °F) and 28 °C (82 °F). In position LO, the system turns to permanent cooling. In position HI, the system turns to permanent heating.
Note:   If you select either position LO or HI, the system does not regulate a stable temperature.
Mono Mode
In this mode, the climate control system links the temperature settings for both the driver side and passenger side. If you adjust the setting using the rotary control on the driver side, the system adjusts the passenger temperature to the same setting.
Switching Mono Mode Off
Select a temperature for the passenger side using the rotary control on the passenger side. Single zone temperature control automatically turns off. The temperature on the driver side remains unchanged. You can now adjust the driver and passenger side temperatures independently. The display shows the temperature settings for each side.
You can switch off mono mode by pressing and holding AUTO for more than two seconds.
Note:   The maximum temperature difference between driver and passenger side is 4 °C (39 °F).
Switching Mono Mode Back On
Press and hold AUTO. The passenger side temperature adjusts to the driver side temperature setting.
Smart Zone (If Equipped)
If there is not an occupant in the front passenger seat, the climate control system may default to mono mode to improve fuel economy (if you were previously in dual zone operation). When this occurs, mono mode turns on and the passenger set point changes to match the driver set point.
Adjust the passenger set point normally if you prefer dual zone operation without a passenger present. The system remains in dual zone operation until you switch the vehicle off.
You can disable or re-enable the Smart Zone feature by pressing and holding AUTO for more than four seconds. Both set point displays begin flashing to signify when the feature disables. The system returns to previous state after you release AUTO.
To re-enable the Smart Zone feature: Press and hold AUTO for more than four seconds. Only the driver set point display begins flashing to signify when you re-enable the feature. The climate control system returns to the previous state after you release AUTO.

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