WARNING   WARNING:  To help avoid personal injury, always use caution when in reverse (R) and when using the sensing system.
WARNING   WARNING:  The system may not detect objects with surfaces that absorb reflection. Always drive with due care and attention. Failure to take care may result in a crash.
WARNING   WARNING:  Traffic control systems, fluorescent lamps, inclement weather, air brakes, external motors and fans may affect the correct operation of the sensing system. This may cause reduced performance or false alerts.
WARNING   WARNING:  The system may not detect small or moving objects, particularly those close to the ground.
WARNING   WARNING:  If damage occurs in the immediate area surrounding the sensor, have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.
WARNING   WARNING:  The parking aid system can only assist you to detect objects when your vehicle is moving at parking speeds. To help avoid personal injury you must take care when using the parking aid system.
WARNING   WARNING:  In cold and severe weather conditions the system may not function. Rain, snow and spray can all limit sensor performance.
WARNING   WARNING:  The system may not function if the sensor is blocked.

Note:   If your vehicle has MyKey™, the sensing system cannot be switched off when a MyKey™ is present.  See   Principle of Operation
Note:   Do not clean the sensors with sharp objects.
Note:   If your vehicle sustains damage to the bumper or fascia and you leave it misaligned or bent, the sensing zone could be altered causing inaccurate measurement of obstacles or false alerts.
Note:   Add-on devices such as large trailer hitches, bike or surfboard racks, license plate brackets, or bumper covers installed around the bumper or facia can block the normal detection zone of the system causing false alerts. Remove the add-on devices to prevent false alerts.
Note:   When you connect a trailer to your vehicle, the rear parking aid could detect the trailer and therefore provide an alert. Disable the rear parking aid when you connect a trailer to prevent the alert.
The sensing system warns you of obstacles within a certain range of your vehicle. The system turns on when you switch the ignition on.
You can switch the system off through the information display menu or from the pop-up message that appears once you shift the transmission into reverse (R).   See   General Information.  If your vehicle has a parking aid button, you can switch the system off by pressing the button. The system turns on when you switch the ignition on.
If a fault is present in the system, a warning message appears in the information display.   See   Information Messages

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