WARNING   WARNING:  Do not park, idle or drive your vehicle on dry grass or other dry ground cover. The emission system heats up the engine compartment and exhaust system, creating the risk of fire.
WARNING   WARNING:  The normal operating temperature of the exhaust system is very high. Never work around or attempt to repair any part of the exhaust system until it has cooled. Use special care when working around the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter heats up to a very high temperature after only a short period of engine operation and stays hot after the engine is switched off.
WARNING   WARNING:  Exhaust leaks may result in entry of harmful and potentially lethal fumes into the passenger compartment. If you smell exhaust fumes inside your vehicle, have your vehicle inspected immediately. Do not drive if you smell exhaust fumes.

Your vehicle has various emission control components and a catalytic converter that enables it to comply with applicable exhaust emission standards.
To avoid damaging the catalytic converter:
  • Do not crank the engine for more than 10 seconds at a time.
  • Do not run the engine with a spark plug lead disconnected.
  • Do not push-start or tow-start your vehicle. Use booster cables.   See   Jump Starting the Vehicle
  • Do not switch the ignition off when your vehicle is moving.
  • Do not use leaded fuel.
  • Avoid running out of fuel.
Note:   Resulting component damage may not be covered by the vehicle Warranty.
On-Board Diagnostics System
Your vehicle has an on-board diagnostics system that monitors the emission control system. If any of the following warning lamps illuminate, this may indicate that the on-board diagnostics system has detected an emission control system malfunction.
Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Lamp  Ignition Warning Lamp 
Engine Warning Lamp 
 Continuing to drive your vehicle may cause reduced power or the engine to stop.Failure to respond to a warning lamp may cause component damage not covered by the vehicle Warranty. Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

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