WARNING   WARNING:  Do not adjust the steering wheel when your vehicle is moving.

Note:   Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position.See   Sitting in the Correct Position
Adjust the Power Steering
Use the control on the side of the steering column to adjust the position.
To adjust:
  • Tilt: Press the top or bottom of the control.
  • Telescope: Press the front or rear of the control.
End of Travel Position
 The steering column sets a stopping position just short of the end of the column position to prevent damage to the steering column. A new stopping position sets if the steering column encounters an object when tilting or telescoping.
To reset the steering column to its normal stopping position:
  1. Confirm there is nothing obstructing the motion of the steering column.
  1. Press and hold the steering column control until the steering column stops moving.
  1. Press the steering column control again.
Note:   The steering column may begin to move again.
  1. When the steering column stops, continue holding the control for a few seconds.
  1. Repeat for each direction as necessary.
 A new stopping position sets. The next time you tilt or telescope the steering column, it stops just short of the end of the column position.
Memory Feature (If Equipped)
 You can save and recall the steering column position with the memory function.See   Memory Function
Pressing the adjustment control during a memory recall cancels the operation.
Easy Entry and Exit Feature
The column moves up when you switch the ignition off. Switch the ignition on to return the system to its previous settings. You can switch this feature on or off in the information display.See   Information Displays
Note:   If you press any adjustment or memory button when in easy exit mode, the system cancels the operation.
Note:   Depending on your vehicle, the column may move up and in.