Pre-Fuse Box
The pre-fuse box is in the engine compartment attached to the positive battery post. This box contains several high current fuses. If you need to replace one of these high current fuses, see an authorized dealer.
Power Distribution Box
WARNING   WARNING:  Always disconnect the battery before servicing high current fuses.
WARNING   WARNING:  To reduce risk of electrical shock, always replace the cover to the power distribution box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs.

The power distribution box is in the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your vehicle's main electrical systems from overloads.
You will need to reset some features if you disconnect and reconnect the battery.   See   Changing the 12V Battery
Lift the release lever at the rear of the cover to remove it.
Power Distribution Box
Fuse Number   Fuse Rating   Protected Components  
F7   50A1   Anti-lock brake system module.  
F8   30A 1   Anti-lock brake system module.  
F9   20A 1   Fuel pump relay.  
F10   40A 1   Blower motor relay.  
F11   30A 1   Run start relay.  
F12   40A 1   Powertrain control module relay.  
F13   30A 1   Starter relay.  
F14   30A 1   Memory seat.  
F15   30A 1   Wipers and washers relay.  
F16   25A 1   Cooling fan.  
F17   40A 1   Cooling fan 1 (600W).  
50A 1   Cooling fan 1 (750W).  
F18   40A 1   Cooling fan 2 (600W).  
50A 1   Cooling fan 2 (750W).  
F19   5A 2   Anti-lock brake system module run/start.  
F20   20A 2   Horn relay.  
F21   10A 2   Brake pedal switch.  
F22   25A 2   Windshield wipers and washer.  
F23   5A 2   Run/start relay coil.  
F24   20A 2   Transmission range control module.  
F25   10A 2   Air conditioning clutch.  
F26   5A 2   Powertrain control module relay coil.  
F27   10A 2   Washer pump relay.  
F28   10A 2   Alternator sensor.  
F29   15A 2   Rain sensor.   Rear wiper.   Rear washer pump relay coil.  
F30   —   Not used.  
F31   —   Not used.  
F32   15A 2   Vehicle power 1 (powertrain control module).  
F33   15A 2   Vehicle power 2 (canister vent solenoid, universal exhausted gas oxygen sensor, variable camshaft timing, catalyst monitor sensor, canister purge solenoid).  
F34   15A 2   Vehicle power 3 (A/C clutch control relay coil, variable A/C compressor, fan control relay coil, engine charge air bypass valve solenoid, active grill shutters).  
F35   15A 2   Vehicle power 4 (ignition coils).  
F36   —   Not used.  
F37   —   Not used.  
F38   15A 2   Voltage quality module run/start (vehicles equipped with stop/start).  
F39   5A 2   Powertrain control ignition start power - run.  
F40   10A 2   Electronic power assist steering run/start.  
F41   10A 2   Extended power module run/start.  
F42   10A 2   Adaptive cruise control.   Blind spot information system.   Heads-up display.   Rear video camera.   (vehicles with stop/start)  
Not used (spare).   (vehicles without stop/start)  
F43   —   Not used.  
F44   5A 2   Heated rear window relay coil.   Heated wiper park.   Electronic transmission pump run/stop feed (vehicles equipped with stop/start).  
F45   5A 2   Transmission range control module run/start.  
F46   40A 1   Heated rear window relay.   Heated wiper park.  
F47   30A 2   Electronic transmission pump B+ feed (vehicles equipped with stop/start).  
F48   —   Not used.  

1J-case fuse.
2Mini fuse.

Relay   Circuits switched  
R1   Run start.  
R2   Horn.  
R3   Fuel pump.  
R4   Rear window washer pump.  
R5   Cooling fan relay 3 (750W).  
R6   Windshield wipers.  
R7   Cooling fan relay 1 (600W).   Cooling fan relay 5 (750W).  
R8   Starter.  
R9   Not used.  
R10   Cooling fan relay 4 (750W).  
R11   Air conditioning clutch.  
R12   Cooling fan relay 1 (750W).   Cooling fan relay 3 (600W).  
R13   Cooling fan relay 2.  
R14   Powertrain control module.  
R15   Heated rear window.   Heated wiper park.  
R16   Blower motor.  

Passenger Compartment Fuse Box
The fuse panel is behind the lower end of the glove box.
Fuse Panel Diagram
Fuse Number   Fuse Rating   Protected Components  
1   10A35   Demand lamp battery saver.  
2   7.5A 35   Memory seats.  
3   20A 35   Driver door unlock.  
4   5A35   Not used (spare).  
5   20A 35   Subwoofer amplifier.   THX amplifier.  
6   10A 46   Not used (spare).  
7   10A 46   Not used (spare).  
8   10A 46   Not used (spare).  
9   10A 46   Not used (spare).  
10   5A 46   Keypad.   Power liftgate logic.  
11   5A 46   Not used (spare).  
12   7.5A 46   Climate control.   Gear shift control.   Push-button ignition.  
13   7.5A 46   Cluster.   Datalink module logic.   Steering column module logic.  
14   10A 46   Extended Power Module (supplies power for Restraint Control Module and Occupant Classification System).  
15   10A 46   Datalink module.  
16   15A 35   Not used (spare).  
17   5A 46   Cellphone passport module.  
18   5A 46   Not used (spare).  
19   7.5A 46   Not used (spare).  
20   7.5A 46   Not used (spare).  
21   5A 46   Humidity and in-car temperature.  
22   5A 46   Not used (spare).  
23   10A 35   Delayed accessory (driver window switch, moonroof logic, power inverter logic).  
24   20A 35   Central lock and unlock.  
25   30A 35   Driver door (window, mirror).  
26   30A 35   Front passenger door (window, mirror).  
27   30A 35   Moonroof.  
28   20A 35   THX amplifier.  
29   30A 35   Rear driver side door (window).  
30   30A 35   Rear passenger side door (window).  
31   15A 35   Not used (spare).  
32   10A 35   Display.   GPS.   Radio frequency receiver.   Voice control.  
33   20A 35   Radio and active noise control.  
34   30A 35   Run/start bus (fuse #19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 36, 37, circuit breaker).  
35   5A 35   Not used (spare).  
36   15A 35   Auto-dimming rear view mirror.   Continuous control damping suspension.   Lane keeping system module.   Rear heated seats module.  
37   20A 35   All-wheel drive relay.   Heated steering wheel.  
38   30A   Not used (spare).  

3Micro fuse.
4Dual micro fuse.
Rear Cargo Fuse Box
The fuse panel is located in the cargo area on the passenger side. Open the fuse panel cover to gain access to the fuses.
Rear Cargo Fuse Box
Fuse Number   Fuse Rating   Protected Components  
F1   —   Not used.  
F2   —   Not used.  
F3   5A 35   Hands free liftgate.  
F4   —   Not used.  
F5   —   Not used.  
F6   —   Not used.  
F7   30A 46   Rear heated seats.  
F8   30A 46   Power cinch latch.   Power liftgate.  
F9   20A 46   Heated front seats.  
F10   40A 46   Trailer tow.  
F11   30A 46   Climate control seats.  
F12   20A 46   Not used (spare).  
F13   —   Not used.  
F14   30A 46   Power seats.  
F15   20A 46   Auxiliary power point - inside of floor console.  
F16   20A 46   Auxiliary power point - rear of floor console.  
F17   —   Not used.  
F18   20A 46   Auxiliary power point - cargo area.  
F19   40A 46   Inverter power outlet.  

5Micro fuse.
6Dual micro fuse.

Relay   Circuits switched  
R1   Not used.