Lincoln Drive Control
Lincoln Drive Control delivers the Lincoln driving experience through a suite of sophisticated electronic vehicle systems. These systems continuously monitor your driving inputs and the road conditions to optimize ride comfort, steering, handling, powertrain response and sound. You can preset your preferences for these systems within the information display. Lincoln Drive Control will respond to your preferences based on what gear position you select. This provides a single location to control multiple systems performance settings.
Lincoln Drive Control consists of the following systems:
  • Adaptive suspension dynamically adjusts the shock absorbers stiffness in real time to match the road surface and driver inputs. This system continuously monitors your vehicle’s motion, suspension position, load, speed, road conditions and steering to adjust the suspension damping for optimal vehicle control.
  • Electronically power-assisted steering adjusts steering effort and feel based on your vehicle speed and your inputs.
  • Active noise control utilizes your vehicle electronics to enhance the acoustic experience.
  • Electronic stability control and traction control maintain your vehicle control in adverse conditions or high performance driving.
  • Electronic throttle control enhances the powertrain response to your inputs.
Using Lincoln Drive Control
You can configure which of the drive control modes are active when your vehicle is in drive (D) or sport (S). The configuration remains active until modified from the main menu on the information display.
These systems have a range of modes which you can choose from in order to customize your ideal driving experience:
  • Comfort – Provides a more relaxed driving experience, maximizing comfort. Your steering effort decreases and the suspension movement is more fluid. Comfort mode is ideal when you desire enhanced traveling comfort.
  • Normal – Delivers a balanced combination of comfortable, controlled ride and confident handling. This mode provides an engaging drive experience and a direct connection to the road without sacrificing any of the composure demanded from a luxury vehicle.
  • Sport – Provides a sportier driving experience. The suspension stiffens, with an emphasis on handling and control. The engine responds more directly to your inputs and takes on a more powerful tone. Sport mode is ideal for use during more spirited driving.
You can change your vehicle's Drive Control settings from the menu on the display screen.   See   General Information
Note:   Not all settings may be available.
Note:   Lincoln Drive Control has diagnostic checks that continuously monitor the system to ensure proper operation. Certain types of system errors gray out the mode selections within the information display, preventing you from changing states when the gear position is changed. Other types of errors produce a temporary message in the information display.  See   Information Messages.  If either condition persists for multiple key cycles, see an authorized dealer.