Electronic Stability Control
The system automatically turns on each time you switch the ignition on. You can switch off the traction control portion of the system independently.  See   Using Traction Control
Note:   The ESC OFF switch and Sport Mode are only available on the ST model.

ESC Features  
Button Functions   Mode   Stability Control Off Light   Electronic Stability Control   Traction Control System  
Default at start-up   -   On during bulb check   Enabled   Enabled  
Button pressed momentarily   Traction control off   On   Enabled   Disabled  
Button pressed twice rapidly   Sport mode (if equipped)   On   Enabled   Enabled  
Button pressed again after deactivation   ESC fully enabled   Off   Enabled   Enabled  

Note:   Do not use the Sport stability control setting on public roadways.
Some models may also have a sport mode which allows the driver to reduce normal electronic stability control system intervention and provide a more spirited driving experience. To enter sport mode, toggle the stability control button twice rapidly. The message appears in the information display that the system is now in sport mode.