Before exporting your vehicle to a foreign country, contact the appropriate foreign embassy or consulate. These officials can inform you of local vehicle registration regulations and where to find unleaded fuel or petrol/gas engines or the proper sulfur fuel for diesel engines.
If you cannot find the proper fuel recommended for your vehicle, contact our Customer Relationship Center.
The use of improper fuels in your vehicle without proper conversion may damage the effectiveness of your emission control system and may cause engine knocking or serious engine damage. Ford Motor Company or Ford of Canada is not responsible for any damage caused by use of improper fuel. Using improper fuels may also result in difficulty importing your vehicle back into the United States.
If your vehicle must be serviced while you are traveling or living in Asia-Pacific Region, Sub-Saharan Africa, U.S. Virgin Islands and/or Puerto Rico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Israel and the Middle East, contact the nearest authorized dealer. If the authorized dealer cannot help you, contact the corresponding Ford Customer Assistance Center:
Customer Relationship Centers in:

Customer Relationship Center   Phone   E-mail  
Asia Pacific   N/A  
Caribbean and Central America   +1-800-841-3673  
Middle East   Ford   80004443673  
Lincoln   80004441067  
UAE   80004441066  
Saudi Arabia   8008443673  
Mobily and Zain cell phone users in Saudi   800850078  
Kuwait   22280384  
North Africa   N/A  
Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands   +1-800-841-3673  
Sub-Saharan Africa   N/A  
South Korea   +82-02-1600-6003 or  

If you buy your vehicle in North America and then relocate to any of the above locations, register your vehicle identification number (VIN) and new address with Ford Global Trade Services by emailing,
If you are in another foreign country, contact the nearest authorized dealer. In the event your inquiry is unresolved, communicate your concern with the dealership’s Sales Manager, Service Manager or Customer Relations Manager. If you require additional assistance or clarification, please contact the respective Customer Relationship Center as previously listed.
Customers in the U.S. should call 1-800-392-3673.