WARNING   WARNING:  To reduce risk of injury, do not obstruct or place objects in the deployment path of the airbag.
WARNING   WARNING:  Close the glove box door when your vehicle is moving. Failure to follow this instruction could reduce the effectiveness of the passenger knee airbag and increase the risk of injury in a crash.

A driver knee airbag is located under or within the instrument panel. A passenger knee airbag is located within or under the glove box door. During a crash, the restraints control module may activate the driver and passenger knee airbags based on crash severity and occupant conditions. Under certain crash and occupant conditions, the driver and passenger knee airbag may deploy but the driver front airbag may not activate. As with front and side airbags, it is important to be properly seated and restrained to reduce the risk of death or serious injury.
Airbag  Make sure the knee airbags are operating properly.   See   Crash Sensors and Airbag Indicator