Intelligent Access Key
Note:   You may not be able to shift out of park (P) unless the intelligent access key is inside your vehicle.
Intelligent Access Key
 The remote control operates the power locks and the remote start system.The key must be in your vehicle to activate the push-button start system.
Removable Key Blade
The remote control also contains a removable mechanical key blade that you can use to unlock the driver door.
Button to Release the Key Blade
Push the release button and pull the key blade out.
Key Tag
Note:   Your vehicle keys came with a security label that provides important key cut information.Keep the label in a safe place for future reference.
Replacing the Battery
Note:   Refer to local regulations when disposing of remote control batteries.
Note:   Do not wipe off any grease on the battery terminals or on the back surface of the circuit board.
Note:   Replacing the battery does not delete the remote control programming to your vehicle. The remote control should operate normally after you replace the battery.
A message appears in the information display when the remote control battery is low.   See   General Information
Intelligent Access Key
The remote control uses one coin-type three-volt lithium battery.
Button to Release the Key Blade
  1. Push the release button and pull the key blade out.
Replace Intelligent Access Key Battery
  1. Twist a thin coin under the tab hidden behind the key blade head to remove the battery cover.
Intelligent Access Key Battery Replacement
  1. Insert a suitable tool, for example a screwdriver, in the position shown and carefully remove the battery.
  1. Install new battery with the + facing upward.
  1. Reinstall the battery cover and the key blade.
Using the Key Blade
The key cylinder is under a cap on the driver door handle.
To remove the cap:
Intelligent Access Door Cap Remove
  1. Insert the key blade into the slot on the bottom of the handle and press up.
  1. While maintaining upward pressure, move the cap rearward to release it. Gently remove the key while doing so.
To install the cap:
Door Cap Installation
  1. Place the cap just forward of the key cylinder.
  1. While applying pressure to the cap, move it forward until it is in place. You may hear a snap as it engages.
Make sure you have properly installed the cap by trying to move it rearward.
Car Finder
Lock Icon   Press the button twice within three seconds. The horn sounds and the direction indicators flash. We recommend you use this method to locate your vehicle, rather than using the panic alarm.
Sounding a Panic Alarm
Note:   The panic alarm only operates when the ignition is off.
Volume Icon   Press the button to sound the panic alarm.Press the button again or switch the ignition on to deactivate.
Remote Start (If Equipped)
WARNING   WARNING:  To avoid exhaust fumes, do not use remote start if your vehicle is parked indoors or in areas that are not well ventilated.

Note:   Do not use remote start if your fuel level is low.
Remote Start Button  The remote start button is on the remote control.
This feature allows you to start your vehicle from outside the vehicle.The remote control has an extended operating range.
Vehicles with automatic climate control can be configured to operate when the vehicle is remote started.   See   Automatic Climate Control - Vehicles With: AM/FM/CD/SYNC
Many states and provinces have restrictions for the use of remote start.Check your local and state or provincial laws for specific requirements regarding remote start systems.
The remote start system does not work if:
  • The ignition is on.
  • The alarm system is triggered.
  • You switch off the feature in the information display.   See   General Information
  • The hood is open.
  • The transmission is not in park (P).
  • The vehicle battery voltage is too low.
  • The service engine soon light is on.
Remote Starting Your Vehicle
Note:   You must press each button within three seconds of each other.If you do not follow this sequence, your vehicle does not start remotely, the direction indicators do not flash twice and the horn does not sound.
Remote Starting Your Vehicle
To remote start your vehicle:
  1. Press the lock button.
  1. Press the remote start button twice.The exterior lamps flash twice.
The horn sounds if the system fails to start.   See   General Information
The power windows do not work during the remote start and the radio does not turn on automatically.
The parking lamps remain on and the vehicle will run for 5, 10, or 15 minutes, depending on the setting.   See   General Information
Extending the Vehicle Run Time
 To extend the engine running time duration of your vehicle during remote start, repeat steps 1 and 2 while the engine is running.If you programmed the duration to last 10 minutes, the second 10 minutes will begin after what is left of the first activation time.For example, if your vehicle had been running from the first remote start for 5 minutes, your vehicle continues to run now for a total of 20 minutes. You can extend the remote start up to a maximum of 35 minutes.
Wait at least five seconds before remote starting after a vehicle shutdown.
Turning Your Vehicle Off After Remote Starting
Remote Start Button   Press the button once. The parking lamps turn off.
You may have to be closer to your vehicle to remotely switch off your vehicle after remote starting. This is due to the added noise of your running vehicle.
You can disable or enable the remote start system through the information display.   See   General Information
Remote Control Feedback
An LED on the remote control provides status feedback of remote start or stop commands.

LED   Status  
Solid green   Remote start or extension successful  
Solid red   Remote stop successful; engine off  
Blinking red   Remote start or stop failed  
Blinking green   Waiting for status update from vehicle  

Memory Feature (If Equipped)
 You can use the remote control to recall memory positions.If programmed to a pre-set position, the remote control recalls memory positions when you unlock your vehicle.   See   Memory Function