Note:   HD Radio broadcasts are not available in all markets.
HD Radio technology is the digital evolution of analog AM/FM radio. Your system has a special receiver that allows it to receive digital broadcasts (where available) in addition to the analog broadcasts, it already receives. Digital broadcasts provide a better sound quality than analog broadcasts with free, crystal-clear audio and no static or distortion. For more information, and a guide to available stations and programming, please visit
When HD Radio is on and you tune to a station broadcasting HD Radio technology, you may notice the HD Radio logo on your screen. When this logo is available, you may also see Title and Artist fields on-screen.
The multicast indicator appears in FM mode (only) if the current station is broadcasting multiple digital broadcasts. The highlighted numbers signify available digital channels where new or different content is available. HD1 signifies the main programming status and is available in analog and digital broadcasts. Other multicast stations (HD2 through HD7) are only available digitally.
When HD Radio broadcasts are active, you can access the following functions:
  • Scan allows you to hear a brief sampling of all available stations. This feature still works when HD Radio reception is on, although it does not scan for HD2-HD7 channels. You may see the HD logo appear if the station has a digital broadcast.
  • Memory presets allow you to save an active channel as a memory preset. Touch and hold a memory preset slot until the sound returns. There is a brief mute while the radio saves the station. Sound returns when finished. When switching to an HD2 or HD3 memory preset, the sound mutes before the digital audio plays, because the system has to reacquire the digital signal.
Note:   As with any saved radio station, you cannot access a station you save if your vehicle is outside the station’s reception area.
HD Radio Reception and Station Troubleshooting

Potential Reception Issues  
Reception area   If you are listening to a multicast station and you are on the fringe of the reception area, the station may mute due to weak signal strength.  
If you are listening to HD1, the system switches back to the analog broadcast until the digital broadcast is available again. However, if you are listening to any of the possible HD2-HD7 multicast channels, the station mutes and stays muted unless it is able to connect to the digital signal again.  
Station blending   When the system first receives a station (aside from HD2-HD7 multicast stations), it first plays the station in the analog version. Once the receiver verifies the station is an HD Radio station, it shifts to the digital version. Depending on the station quality, you may hear a slight sound change when the station changes from analog to digital. Blending is the shift from analog to digital sound or digital back to analog sound.  

In order to provide the best possible experience, use the contact form to report any station issues found while listening to a station broadcasting with HD Radio technology. Independent entities own and operate each station. These stations are responsible for ensuring all audio streams and data fields are accurate.

Potential Station Issues  
Issues   Cause   Action  
Echo, stutter, skip or repeat in audio.   Increase or decrease in audio volume.   This is poor time alignment by the radio broadcaster.   No action required.This is a broadcast issue.  
Sound fading or blending in and out.   The radio is shifting between analog and digital audio.   No action required.The reception issue may clear up as you continue to drive.  
There is an audio mute delay when selecting HD2 or HD3, multicast preset or Direct Tune.   The digital multicast is not available until the HD Radio broadcast is decoded. Once decoded, the audio is available.   No action required.This is normal behavior.Wait until the audio is available.  
Cannot access HD2 or HD3 multicast channel when recalling a preset or from a direct tune.   The previously stored multicast preset or direct tune is not available in your current reception area.   No action required.The station is not available in your current location.  
Text information does not match currently playing audio.   Data service issue by the radio broadcaster.   Fill out the station issue form at website listed below.*  
There is no text information shown for currently selected frequency.   Data service issue by the radio broadcaster.   Fill out the station issue form at website listed below.*  
HD2-HD7 stations not found when Scan is pressed.   Pressing Scan disables HD2-HD7 channel search.   No action required.This is normal behavior.  

HD Radio Technology manufactured under license from iBiquity Digital Corporation and foreign patents. HD Radio and the HD and HD Radio logos are proprietary trademarks of DTS Ford Motor Company and DTS are not responsible for the content sent using HD Radio technology. Content may be changed, added or deleted at any time at the station owner's discretion.