Your navigation system is comprised of two main features, destination mode and map mode.
Map Mode
Map mode shows advanced viewing comprised of 2D city maps, 3D landmarks and 3D city models (when available). 2D city maps show detailed outlines of buildings, visible land use, landscape features, and detailed railroad infrastructure for the most essential cities around the globe.
3D landmarks appear as clear, visible objects that are typically recognizable and have a certain tourism value.
3D city models are complete 3D models of entire city areas including navigable roads, parks, rivers and rendered buildings. 3D landmarks and city models appear in 3D map mode only. Coverage of these varies and improves with updated map releases.
Plus Icon  Select the zoom in icon to see a closer view of the map.Image Shown Without Description  Select the zoom out icon to see a farther away view of the map.
You can adjust the view in preset increments. You can also pinch to zoom in or out of the map.
The information bar tells you the names of streets, cities or landmarks as you hover over them with the crosshair curser.
You can change your view of the map by tapping on the location indicator icon on the right hand side of the screen. You can choose from the following options:
Heading Up Icon    Heading up (2D map) This always shows the direction of forward travel to be upward on the screen. This view is available for map scales up to 3 mi (5 km). Heading North Icon  North up (2D map) always shows the northern direction to be upward on the screen.
3D Map Mode Icon  3D map mode provides an elevated perspective of the map. Adjust this viewing angle and rotate the map 180 degrees by touching the map twice, and then dragging your finger along the shaded bar with arrows at the bottom of the map.Re-center Icon  Re-center the map by pressing this icon whenever you scroll the map away from your vehicle’s current location.
Unmute  Mute Icon  Mute: Press to mute the audio navigation guidance. Press the button again to un-mute the guidance.Point of Interest Grouping Icon  Points of Interest (POI) grouping icon: You can choose up to three POI icons to display on the map. If the chosen POIs are located close together or are at the same location a box is used to display a single category icon instead of repeating the same icon, in order to reduce clutter. When you select the box on the map, a pop-up appears indicating how many POIs are in this location. Select the pop up to see a list of the available POIs. You can scroll through and select POIs from this list.
If your vehicle is low on charge or fuel, station icons automatically display on the map.
If you have subscribed to SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link (where available), traffic flow will be indicated on the map by green (clear), yellow (slowing), and red (stopped) road highlights. Traffic flow is indicated where the information is available and varies across the US.
You can choose to display traffic icons on the map representing twelve different types of incidents.   See   Settings
You can set a destination by hovering above a location and selecting:


Destination Mode
To set a destination, press:

Menu Item   Description  
Enter a navigation destination in any of the following formats:  
Street Address
(number, street, city, state)  
For example "12 Mainstreet Dearborn MI"  
Partial Address   (number, street) if searching in current state   (number, street and zip code (or postal code in Canada)) if searching out of state   You can enter unique addresses that contain door number prefixes with or without the prefix. For example, you could enter "6N340 Fairway Lane" or "340 Fairway Lane".  
(name or zip code)  
Point of Interest
(name or category)  
(street 1 / street 2)   (street 1 and street 2)   (street 1 & street 2)   (street 1 @ street 2)   (street 1 at street 2)  
  Latitude and Longitude  
  (##.###### , ##.######)   This is in a decimal degrees format, one to six decimal places are accepted.  
  You are given autocomplete options below the address bar to select as you type.   If you do not give an exact destination, a menu displays with your possible selections.  
Previous Destinations
Collections of your last 40 navigation destinations display here.   You can select any option from the list to select it as your destination.  
Delete All
Select this option to remove all previous destinations.  
Select to navigate to your set Home destination.   The time it takes to travel from your current location to Home displays.   To set your Home, press:  
A prompt appears asking if you would like to create a favorite for home. Select:  
Enter a location into the search bar and press:  
Select to navigate to your set Work destination.   The time it takes to travel from your current location to Work displays.   To set your Work:  
A prompt appears asking if you would like to create a favorite for work. Select:  
Enter a location into the search bar and press:  
Favorites include any location you have previously saved.   To add Favorites:  
Add a Favorite
Select this button and enter a location into the destination bar.  
Select this option to have the system locate the address you have entered.  
Select this button when the address you have entered appears on the screen.  
The address saves as a favorite and you see the favorites screen. You can now select this address from the favorites screen.  
Point of Interest (POI) Categories   POI categories that may display (based on market and vehicle configuration):  
See All   Press to view additional categories. Once you have selected a category, follow the menus to find what you are looking for.  
Inside of these categories you can search by:  
Along Route
Near Destination
In a City

Once you have chosen your destination, press:

Menu Item   Action and Description  
This saves the destination to your favorites.  
This shows you a map of your entire route. You can then choose your route from three different options.  
Fastest   Uses the fastest moving roads possible.  
Shortest   Uses the shortest distance possible.  
Economical Route   Uses the most fuel-efficient route.  
The time and distance for each route also displays.  
On the route screen, you can choose to cancel the current navigation. The system asks for confirmation then returns you to the map mode screen.  

Once you have chosen your destination, press:

Menu Item   Action and Description  
The system uses a variety of screens and prompts to guide you to your destination.   During Route guidance, you can press the maneuver arrow icon on the map if you want the system to repeat route guidance instructions. When the system repeats the last guidance instruction, it updates the distance to the next guidance instruction, since it detects that the vehicle is moving.   The navigation map shows your estimated time of arrival, remaining travel time and the distance to your destination.   SYNC 3 may not always announce vehicle arrival at the exact point of your destination and you may have to cancel a route manually.  

Navigation Menu
In map mode and during active navigation you can access the navigation menu.
During active navigation, touch the bottom of the screen to view the menu and other buttons.
To access the Navigation menu, press:

You can then select:  
Screen View
Full Map
A full screen map displays during navigation.  
Highway Exit Info
Highway exit information displays on the right hand side of the screen during navigation.   Points of interest icons display for restaurants, hotels, fuel stations and ATMs when they are present at the exit. You can select the POI icons to receive a listing of specific locations. You can select the POI location as a waypoint or destination if desired.  
Turn List
Only available during an active route. Displays all of the turns on the current route.   You can choose to avoid any road on the turn list by selecting the road from the list. A screen then appears and you can press:  
The system calculates a new route and displays a new turn list.  
Traffic List
You can find the SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link information by pressing this button. This information requires an active subscription to SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link.   When a route is not active, a list of nearby traffic incidents displays (if any are present).   When a route is active, you can choose to display a list of traffic nearby or on the route.  
Navigation Settings
Press this button to adjust your preferences.   See   Settings.   
Where Am I?
Provides your current location city and the nearest road.  
The following are only available on the menu during an active navigation route:  
Cancel Route
The system asks for confirmation and then returns you to the map mode screen.  
View Route
Press this to see a map of the full route.  
An alternate route displays in comparison with the current route.  
Edit Waypoints
Only available if you have an active waypoint on your route. See Waypoints later in this section for information on how to set waypoints.  
Use this button to re-order or remove your waypoints.  
You can also have the system set the order for you by pressing:  
Optimize Order
To return to your route press:  

You can add a waypoint to a navigation route as a destination along your route.
To add a waypoint:
  1. Select the search icon (magnifying glass) while on an active route. This brings up the destination menu.
  1. Set your destination using any of the given methods. Once the destination has been selected, the screen allows you to set the destination as a waypoint by selecting:

Menu Item  
Add Waypoint
The waypoint list then appears and you are able to re-order all of your waypoints by selecting the menu icon on the right hand side of the location. You can select up to five waypoints.  
You can also have the system set the order for you by pressing:  
Optimize Order
To return to your route, press:  

SYNC AppLink
The AppLink app allows you to use some SYNC 3 navigation features on your phone.
First Mile Navigation
When you switch your ignition off, the location of your vehicle is recorded and sent to your SYNC AppLink app. The location of your vehicle can be viewed within the app. You can also view walking directions to your vehicle.
Last Mile Navigation
When you park near your destination, the system provides walking directions to your destination.
POI Search
Your paired phone can be used to access additional points of interest (POI). These points of interest can only be access when your phone is paired.
Send To Car
You can send destinations to your navigation system using a computer or phone using AppLink.
cityseeker (If Equipped)
Note:   cityseeker point of interest (POI) information is limited to approximately 1,110 cities (1,049 in the United States, 36 in Canada and 15 in Mexico).
cityseeker Icon
cityseeker, when available, is a service that provides more information about certain points of interest such as restaurants, hotels and attractions.
When you have selected a point of interest, the location and information appear, such as address, phone number and a star rating.
Press More Information to see a photo, a review, a list of services and facilities, the average room or meal price and the web address. This screen displays the point of interest icons.
For restaurants, cityseeker can provide information such as star rating, average cost, review, handicap access, hours of operation, and website address.
For hotels, cityseeker can provide information such as star rating, price category, review, check-in and checkout times, hotel service icons and website address. Hotel service icons include:
  • Restaurant
  • Business center
  • Handicap facilities
  • Laundry
  • Refrigerator
  • 24 hour room service
  • Fitness center
  • Internet access
  • Pool
  • Wi-Fi
Attractions include nearby landmarks, amusement parks, historic buildings and more. cityseeker can provide information such as star rating, reviews, hour of operation and admission price.
SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link (If Equipped)
SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link is available on vehicles equipped with navigation and only in select markets. You must activate and subscribe to receive SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link information. It helps you locate the best gas prices, find movie listings, get current traffic alerts, view the weather map, get accurate ski conditions and see current sports scores.   See   Apps
The system calculates a reasonable efficient route based on available speed limits, traffic, and road conditions. You may know a local short cut that is more efficient at a given time than the route provided by SYNC 3, but you should expect a slight difference in minutes or miles with the SYNC 3 route.
Navigation Map Updates
Annual navigation map updates are available for purchase through your dealership, by calling 1-866-462-8837 in the United States and Canada or 01-800-557-5539 in Mexico. You can also visit:


You need to specify the make and model of your vehicle to determine if there is an update available.
HERE is the digital map provider for the navigation application. If you find map data errors, you may report them directly to HERE by going to HERE evaluates all reported map errors and responds with the result of their investigation by e-mail.
Map coverage includes the USA (including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), Canada and Mexico.