Power Distribution Box
WARNING   WARNING:  Always disconnect the battery before servicing high current fuses.
WARNING   WARNING:  To reduce risk of electrical shock, always replace the cover to the power distribution box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs.

Note:   There is a 40A fuse on the cowl side engine harness that controls the all wheel drive module. If this fuse requires service, see an authorized dealer.
The power distribution box is in the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your vehicle's main electrical systems from overloads.
If the battery has been disconnected and reconnected, some features need to be reset.   See   Changing the 12V Battery
Power Distribution Box
Fuse or Relay Number   Fuse Rating   Protected Component  
1   30A1   Not used (spare).  
2   —   Starter relay.  
3   15A2   Rear wiper.   Rain sensor.   Rear washer pump relay coil.  
4   —   Blower motor relay.  
5   20A1   Power point 3 - back of console.  
6   —   Not used.  
7   20A2   Powertrain control module - vehicle power 1.  
8   20A2   Powertrain control module - vehicle power 2.  
9   —   Powertrain control module relay.  
10   20A1   Power point 1 - driver front.  
11   15A3   Powertrain control module - vehicle power 4.  
12   15A3   Powertrain control module - vehicle power 3.   All wheel drive module relay coil.  
13   —   Not used.  
14   —   Not used.  
15   —   Run-start relay.  
16   20A1   Power point 2 - console bin.  
17   20A1   Power point 4 - luggage compartment.  
18   20A2   Not used (spare).  
19   10A2   Run-start electronic power assist steering.  
20   10A2   Headlamp leveling motors.  
21   15A2   Not used (spare).  
22   10A2   Air conditioner clutch solenoid.  
23   15A2   Run-start 6.   Blind spot information system.   Rear view camera.   Voltage quality module (start/stop).   Front split view camera.   Front split view camera module.  
24   10A2   Not used (spare).  
25   10A3   Run-start anti-lock brake system.  
26   10A3   Run-start powertrain control module.  
27   —   Not used.  
28   10A2   Rear washer pump.  
29   5A2   Not used (spare).  
30   —   Not used.  
31   —   Not used.  
32   —   Electronic fan 1 relay.  
33   —   A/C clutch relay.  
34   15A2   Not used (spare).  
35   —   Not used.  
36   —   Not used.  
37   10A2   Power transfer unit fan.  
38   —   Electronic fan 2 relay.  
39   —   Electronic fan 3 relay.  
40   —   Horn relay.  
41   —   Low beam assumption relay.  
42   —   Fuel pump relay.  
43   15A2   2nd row easy fold seat release.  
44   20A2   Not used (spare).  
45   —   Not used.  
46   —   Not used.  
47   —   Not used.  
48   15A2   Steering column lock relay power.  
49   —   Not used.  
50   20A2   Horn.  
51   —   Not used.  
52   —   Not used.  
53   —   Not used.  
54   10A3   Brake on off switch.  
55   10A3   Alternator sensor.  
86   –   Not used.  

1M case fuse.
2Micro 2 fuse.
3Micro 3 fuse.
Power Distribution Box - Bottom
There are fuses on the bottom of the fuse box. To access the bottom of the fuse box, do the following:
Power Distribution Box Movement
  1. Release the latches on both sides of the fuse box.
  1. Raise the inboard side of the fuse box from the cradle.
  1. Move the fuse box toward the center of the engine compartment.
  1. Pivot the outboard side of the fuse box to access the bottom side.
Power Distribution Box
Fuse or Relay Number   Fuse Rating   Protected Component  
56   —   Not used.  
57   —   Not used.  
58   30A4   Fuel pump feed.  
59   40A5   Electronic fan 3.  
60   40A5   Electronic fan 1.  
61   —   Not used.  
62   50A5   Body control module 1.  
63   25A4   Electronic fan 2.  
64   —   Not used.  
65   20A4   Front heated seat.  
66   15A4   Heated wiper park.  
67   50A5   Body control module 2.  
68   40A4   Heated rear window.  
69   30A4   Anti-lock brake system valves.  
70   30A4   Passenger seat.  
71   —   Not used.  
72   20A4   Not used (spare).  
73   20A4   Rear heated seats.  
74   30A4   Driver seat module.   Power driver seat (less memory).  
75   25A4   Wiper motor 1.  
76   30A4   Power liftgate module.  
77   30A4   Climate control seat module.  
78   40A4   Trailer lighting module.  
79   40A5   Blower motor.  
80   25A4   Wiper motor 2.  
81   40A4   110 volt inverter.  
82   –   Not used.  
83   20A4   Not used (spare).  
84   30A4   Starter solenoid.  
85   —   Not used.  
87   60A5   Anti-lock brake system pump.  

4M case fuse.
5J case fuse.
Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel
The fuse panel is under the instrument panel to the left of the steering column.
Note:   It may be easier to access the fuse panel if you remove the finish trim piece.
Fuse Panel Diagram
Fuse or Relay Number   Fuse Rating   Protected Component  
1   -   Not used.  
2   7.5A6   Memory seats.   Lumbar.   Wireless charger.  
3   20A6   Driver door unlock.  
4   5A6   Not used (spare).  
5   20A6   Audio amplifier.  
6   10A 7   Not used (spare).  
7   10A7   Not used (spare).  
8   10A7   Not used (spare).  
9   10A7   Not used (spare).  
10   5A7   Keypad.   Power liftgate module logic power.   Hands free liftgate module.   Embedded modem.  
11   5A7   Not used (spare).  
12   7.5A7   Climate control module.   Gear shift module.  
13   7.5A7   Cluster.   Steering column control module.   Smart datalink connector (gateway) module.  
14   10A7   Extended power module.  
15   10A7   Datalink power.  
16   15A6   Not used (spare).  
17   5A7   Not used (spare).  
18   5A7   Push button start switch.  
19   7.5A7   Extended power module.  
20   7.5A7   Not used (spare).  
21   5A 7   Humidity and in–car temperature sensor.  
22   5A7   Occupant classification system.  
23   10A6   Delayed accessory (power inverter logic, moonroof logic, driver window switch power).  
24   20A6   Central lock/unlock.  
25   30A6   Driver door (window, mirror).   Driver door module.   Driver door lock indicator.   Driver lock switch illumination.  
26   30A6   Front passenger door (window, mirror).   Front passenger door module.   Front passenger lock indicator.   Front passenger switch illumination (window, lock).  
27   30A6   Moonroof.  
28   20A6   Amplifier.  
29   30A6   Not used (spare).  
30   30A6   Not used (spare).  
31   15A6   Not used (spare).  
32   10A6   Center stack display.   Voice control (SYNC).   Radio transceiver module.  
33   20A6   Radio.  
34   30A6   Run-start bus (fuse 19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 36, 37, circuit breaker 38).  
35   5A6   Not used (spare).  
36   15A6   Auto-dimming rear view mirror.   Auto high beam/lane departure mirror module.   Rear heated seat module logic power.  
37   20A6   Heated steering wheel module.   Active front steering wheel.  
38   30A8   Rear power windows.   Rear window switch illumination.  

6Micro 2 fuse.
7Micro 3 fuse.
8Circuit breaker.