This system helps you control many features using voice commands. This allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and focus on what is around you.
Initiating a Voice Session
Voice Activation - Speak  Press the voice button. A list of available voice commands appear in the display.
Global Voice Commands
These voice commands are always available. You can say them at any time.

Global Voice Commands  
Gives you available commands you can use on the current screen.  
List of Commands
Gives you a list of possible voice commands.  
This command ends the voice session. You can also cancel a session by pressing seek up, seek down, or holding the voice button for two or more seconds.  

Helpful Hints
  • Make sure the interior of your vehicle is as quiet as possible.Wind noise from open windows and road vibrations may prevent the system from correctly recognizing spoken commands.
  • Before giving a voice command, wait for the system announcement to finish, followed by a single tone. Any command spoken before this does not register with the system.
  • Speak naturally, without long pauses between words.
  • You can interrupt the system at any time while it is speaking by pressing the voice button. You can cancel a voice session by pressing and holding the voice button.
System Interaction and Feedback
 The system provides feedback through audible tones, prompts, questions and spoken confirmations depending on the situation and the chosen level of interaction.You can customize the voice recognition system to provide more or less instruction and feedback.
The default setting is to a higher level of interaction in order to help you learn to use the system. You can change these settings at any time.
Adjusting the Interaction Level
Voice Activation - Speak  Press the voice button. When prompted, say:

Voice Command   Action and Description  
Interaction Mode Standard
Provides more detailed interaction and guidance. (Recommended for first time users.)  
Interaction Mode Advanced
Provides less audible interaction and guidance.  

Phone Confirmation
Using phone confirmations; the system asks you to verify before placing any calls.
To adjust this setting press the voice button, when prompted say:

Voice Command   Action and Description  
Phone Confirmation Off
When enabled, this feature prompts you to confirm any voice initiated call command prior to placing the call.  
Phone Confirmation On
The system makes a best guess; occasionally, the system asks you to confirm settings.