SYNC supports digital media sources including: iPod, Bluetooth® devices, and most USB drives. SYNC also supports audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV and ACC.
Media Sources
The AUX or MEDIA button allows you to view and select available media sources.
Press the AUX or MEDIA button to view your sources. Use the directional arrows and OK button to select your source. You can also use the steering wheel audio controls.
Audio Voice Commands
Voice Activation - Speak  Press the voice button. You can do things like play a specific song or album, or tune to a radio station. When prompted, say a command. See the following table for example commands. Not all commands may be available on your vehicle.

___ List of Commands
AM ___
FM ___
CD Player
Sirius Channel ___
Bluetooth Audio

__ is a dynamic listing, meaning that it could be the name of anything, such as an artist, station, or media source.