WARNING   WARNING:  Do not adjust the driver seat or seat backrest when your vehicle is moving. This may result in sudden seat movement, causing the loss of control of your vehicle.
WARNING   WARNING:  Make sure the seat fully locks into place by rocking it backward and forward. Not securing the seat into the locked position can be dangerous in a crash and could cause serious personal injury or death.
WARNING   WARNING:  Reclining the seatback can cause an occupant to slide under the seat's seatbelt, resulting in severe personal injuries in the event of a crash.

The manual seats may consist of:
Manual Seat Adjustment
AA bar to move the seat backward and forward.
BA control to adjust the lumbar of the seat backrest (If equipped).
CA lever to adjust the height of the seat (If equipped).
DA control to adjust the angle of the seat backrest.
Adjusting the Seat Backrest
Your vehicle may have one of the controls shown.
Manual Seat Recline