New Vehicle Limited Warranty
For a detailed description of what is covered and what is not covered by your vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty, see the Warranty Manual that is provided to you along with your Owner’s Manual.
Special Instructions
For your added safety, your vehicle is fitted with sophisticated electronic controls.
  WARNING:  You risk death or serious injury to yourself and others if you do not follow the instruction highlighted by the warning symbol. Failure to follow the specific warnings and instructions could result in personal injury.
  WARNING:  NEVER use a rearward facing child restraint on a seat protected by an ACTIVE AIRBAG in front of it, DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY to the CHILD can occur.

Fleet Telematics Modem
The onboard modem provides access to data to support telematics services such as location, speed, idle time, fuel, vehicle diagnostics and maintenance alerts. To explore data, telematics services, third party service provider support and to manage existing telematics accounts, refer to or call 833-FCS-FORD.
Note:   This is not available with FordPass Connect.
FordPass Connect
With a FordPass-equipped vehicle, you can use FordPass to track your vehicle’s location and remotely access vehicle features such as start, lock and unlock and vehicle status including fuel level and approximate mileage. Message and data rates may apply. Services may be limited by mobile phone network coverage area. For additional information, refer to
On Board Diagnostics Data Link Connector
  WARNING:  Do not connect wireless plug-in devices to the data link connector. Unauthorized third parties could gain access to vehicle data and impair the performance of safety related systems. Only allow repair facilities that follow our service and repair instructions to connect their equipment to the data link connector.

Your vehicle has an OBD Data Link Connector (DLC) that is used in conjunction with a diagnostic scan tool for vehicle diagnostics, repairs and reprogramming services. Installing an aftermarket device that uses the DLC during normal driving for purposes such as remote insurance company monitoring, transmission of vehicle data to other devices or entities, or altering the performance of the vehicle, may cause interference with or even damage to vehicle systems. We do not recommend or endorse the use of aftermarket plug-in devices unless approved by Ford. The vehicle Warranty will not cover damage caused by an aftermarket plug-in device.