WARNING   WARNING:  Use an anti-rotation device when using the ISOFIX system. We recommend the use of a top tether or support leg.

Note:   When you are purchasing an ISOFIX restraint, make sure that you know the correct mass group and ISOFIX size class for the intended seating locations.   See   Child Restraint Positioning
Your vehicle is fitted with ISOFIX anchor points that accommodate universally approved ISOFIX child restraints.
The ISOFIX system comprises two rigid attachment arms on the child restraint that attach to anchor points on the outboard rear seats, where the cushion and backrest meet. Tether anchor points are fitted behind the outboard rear seats for child restraints with a top tether.
Top tether anchor points
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Attaching a child seat with top tethers
WARNING   WARNING:  Do not attach a tether strap to anything other than the correct tether anchor point.

Note:   Where applicable, remove the luggage cover to ease installation.   See   Luggage Covers
  1. Remove the head restraint.   See   Head Restraints
WARNING   WARNING:  Make sure that the top tether strap is not slack or twisted and is properly located on the anchor point.

  1. Route the tether strap to the anchor point.
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  1. Push the child seat back firmly to engage the ISOFIX lower anchor points.
  1. Tighten the tether strap in line with the child seat manufacturer's instructions.