The keypad is located near the driver window.It is invisible until touched and then it lights up so you can see and touch the appropriate buttons.
Note:   If you enter your entry code too fast on the keypad, the unlock function may not work. Re-enter your entry code more slowly.
KeypadYou can use the keypad to:
  • lock or unlock the doors
  • program and erase user codes
  • arm and disarm the anti-theft alarm.
You can operate the keypad with the factory-set five-digit entry code. The code is located on the owner’s wallet card in the glove box and is available from an authorized dealer. You can also create up to five of your own five-digit personal entry codes.
Programming a Personal Entry Code
To create your own personal entry code:
  1. Enter the factory-set code.
  1. Press 1·2 on the keypad within five seconds.
  1. Enter your personal five-digit code.You must enter each number within five seconds of each other.
  1. Press 1·2 on the keypad to save personal code 1.
The doors will lock then unlock to confirm that programming was successful.
To program additional personal entry codes, repeat Steps 1-3, then for Step 4:
  • press 3·4 to save personal code 2
  • press 5·6 to save personal code 3
  • press 7·8 to save personal code 4
  • press 9·0 to save personal code 5.
  • Do not set a code that uses five of the same number.
  • Do not use five numbers in sequential order.
  • The factory-set code will work even if you have set your own personal code.
Erasing a Personal Code
  1. Enter the factory-set five-digit code.
  1. Press and release 1·2 on the keypad within five seconds.
  1. Press and hold 1·2 for two seconds. This must be done within five seconds of completing Step 2.
All personal codes will erase and only the factory-set five-digit code will work.
Anti-Scan Feature
The keypad will go into an anti-scan mode if you enter the wrong code seven times (35 consecutive button presses). This mode disables the keypad for one minute and the keypad lamp will flash.
The anti-scan feature will turn off after:
  • one minute of keypad inactivity
  • pressing the unlock button on the remote control
  • switching the ignition on
  • unlocking the vehicle using intelligent access.
Unlocking and Locking the Doors
To Unlock the Driver Door
Enter the factory-set five-digit code or your personal code. You must press each number within five seconds of each other. The interior lamps will illuminate.
Note:   All doors will unlock if the two-stage unlocking feature is disabled.   See   Locking and Unlocking
To Unlock All Doors
Enter the factory-set code or your personal code, then press 3·4 control within five seconds.
To Lock All Doors
Press and hold 7·8 and 9·0 at the same time with the driver door closed. You do not need to enter the keypad code first.