WARNING   WARNING:  Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, crash and injury. We strongly recommend that you use extreme caution when using any device that may take your focus off the road. Your primary responsibility is the safe operation of your vehicle. We recommend against the use of any handheld device while driving and encourage the use of voice-operated systems when possible. Make sure you are aware of all applicable local laws that may affect the use of electronic devices while driving.

Various systems on your vehicle can be controlled using the information display controls on the steering wheel. Corresponding information is displayed in the information display.
Information Display Controls
Instrument Cluster - Information Display Controls
  • Press the up and down arrow buttons to scroll through and highlight the options within a menu.
  • Press the right arrow button to enter a sub-menu.
  • Press the left arrow button to exit a menu.
  • Press and hold the left arrow button at any time to return to the main menu display (escape button).
  • Press the OK button to choose and confirm settings or messages. The OK button may also be used to reset some Trip values.
Menu Structure - Information Display
All Vehicles
You can access the menu using the information display control.
Note:   Some options may appear slightly different or not at all if the items are optional.

Trip 1 and 21  
Distance to E  
Trip odometer  
Trip timer  
Average fuel   Ford EcoMode   Anticipation  
Ford EcoMode2  
All Value - Distance to E, Trip odometer, Trip timer and Average fuel  

1  See   Trip Computer
2  See   Eco Mode

Intelligent 4WD  
MyKey Dist.  
MyKey Info  

Driver Assist   Traction Ctrl   On or Off  
Blind spot   On or Off  
Cross traffic alert   On or Off  
Lighting   Rain Light   On or Off  
Dimming   Auto or Manual  
Autolamp delay   Off or xx Seconds  
Display   Navigation info   Always On or Always Off  
Language   Choose your applicable setting  
Distance   Choose your applicable setting  
Temperature   Choose your applicable setting  
Chimes   Park Slot   On or Off  
Convenience   Compass   Display   On or Off  
Remote Start   Climate Control   Heater – A/C / Auto or Last Settings  
Front Defrost / Automatic or Off  
Rear Defrost / Automatic or Off  
Duration   (5, 10 or 15 minutes)  
Quiet Start   On/Off  
Restore Default  
System   Enable or Disable  
MyKey   Create MyKey   Hold OK to Create MyKey  
Traction Ctrl   Always On or User Selectable  
Max Speed   80 MPH (130 km/h) or Off  
Speed Warning   45 mph (75 km/h), 55 mph (90 km/h), 65 mph (105 km/h) or Off  
Volume Limiter   On or Off  
Clear MyKeys   Hold OK to Clear All MyKeys  

System Check
All active warnings will display first if applicable. The system check menu may appear different based upon equipment options and current vehicle status. Use the up/down arrow buttons to scroll through the list.