Heated Rear Window
Note:   Make sure the engine is running before operating the heated windows.
Heated Rear Window  The heated rear window button is below the climate control unit.
Press the button to clear the heated rear window of thin ice and fog. The heated rear window will automatically turn off after a short period of time. Start the engine before you switch the heated rear window on.
Do not use razor blades or other sharp objects to clean or remove decals from the inside of the heated rear window. The vehicle warranty does not cover damage caused to the heated rear window grid lines.
Heated Exterior Mirror
When you switch the heated rear window on, the heated exterior mirrors will automatically turn on.
Note:   Do not remove ice from the mirrors with a scraper or adjust the mirror glass when it is frozen in place.
Note:   Do not clean the mirror housing or glass with harsh abrasives, fuel or other petroleum-based cleaning products.