This system assists you in driving more efficiently by constantly monitoring characteristics of gear changing, anticipation of traffic conditions and speeds while driving.
The value of these characteristics is represented by petals shown in the display, with five petals being the most efficient. The more efficiently you drive, the better the rating, and the better your overall fuel economy.
Note:   These efficiency values do not result in a defined fuel consumption figure. It might vary as it is not only related to these driving habits, but also influenced by many other factors such as short trips and cold starts.
Note:   Frequent short trips, where the engine does not fully warm up, will also increase fuel consumption.
The system is accessed using the information display control.   See   General Information
Type 1
ECO Mode - Anticipation and Efficient Speed
BEfficient speed
Gear Shifting
Using the highest drivable gear appropriate for the road conditions will improve fuel consumption.
Adjust your vehicle speed and the distance to other vehicles to avoid the need for heavy braking or acceleration to improve fuel economy.
Efficient speed
Reduce your cruising speed on open roads to improve economy. Higher speeds use more fuel.
Type 2 and 3
The relevant information is shown in the display.
Resetting Eco Mode
Reset the average fuel consumption by using the information display control.
Note:   New values may take a short time to calculate.