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Audio Unit
AEject: Press to eject a CD.
BCursor arrows: Press to scroll through on-screen audio system choices, menus or other on-screen functions.
CCD slot: Insert a CD.
DOK: Press to confirm menu selections.
EClock: Press to set the time. Use the cursor arrows to set the hours and minutes. Press OK to confirm the time. You can also set the clock by pressing MENU and scrolling to Clock Settings.
FTUNE: Press to manually search the frequency band. Use the cursor arrows to change the frequency.
GNumber block: In radio mode, store your favorite radio stations. To store a radio station, tune to the station, then press and hold a preset button until sound returns. In CD mode, press one of these buttons to select a track.
HSeek forward: Press and release the right side of the control to go to the next preset radio station or disc track. Press and hold this side of the control to fast forward to the next strong radio station, memory preset or through the current disc track.
ION/OFF: Press to switch the system on and off. Turn to adjust the volume.
JSeek reverse: Press and release the left side of the control to go to the previous preset radio station or disc track. Press and hold this side of the control to reverse to the previous strong radio station, memory preset or disc track.
KMENU: Press to access different audio system features. See Menu Structure later in this section.
LINFO Press to access any available radio or media information.
MSOUND: Press to access settings for Treble, Middle, Bass, Fade or Balance. Use the up and down arrow buttons to select the various settings. When you make your selection, press the left and right arrow buttons to change the settings. Press OK to set or press MENU to exit. Sound settings can be set for each audio source independently.
NMEDIA: Press to access LINE IN (auxiliary input jack) mode or CD or switch between both media sources
ORADIO: Press to listen to the radio or change radio frequencies.